No need to compromise warmth for style with revolutionary heated jackets


The Gobi Heat Men’s Shift 5 Zone Jacket and Gobi Heat Women’s Dune Heated Vest both exemplify the perfect balance between appealing to fashion trends and achieving warmth. The heat from these jackets radiates from the chest, with the built-in heater displayed above.

Sydney Kass, Features Editor

As the days get shorter and the temperature gets lower, winter is just around the corner! But not to worry, fashion has you covered: coats with built-in warmers are just what you need to stay warm.

Gobi Heat jackets offer five zones of heating and three different heating levels.  There are four zones in the front and one large zone in the back with settings of low, medium, and high. These different heating levels enable people to customize and decide how warm or cold they would like to feel.  Also, all five zones can be on for up to 10 hours in a single charge.  

“I think heated jackets are an amazing idea,” said senior Lindsey Tiedemann.  “It’s very hard to find winter jackets that will keep you warm, and a heated jacket will allow you to reach a temperature that is comfortable for you.”

It is important, however, to note that opinions of the coat may vary among customers.

“My dad got one [a heated coat] with a battery once, but he it said would dig into his back,” said senior Julia Russo.

While it is important to know the risks of not liking something before you buy it, you may not find any problems with heated coat anyways.

And who said that winter jackets were only for the outside?  Depending on how you use it and where you wear it, you might even save money on your heating bill.  One could wear their heated jacket inside and reduce their need to have the heater set to certain high temperatures.  

So even though the costs of coats with built-in heaters can be rather costly ranging from $169 to $259, in the long run, they might prove to save you some money!

The best part is that these coats look like any other normal coat.  They are neither particularly bulky nor awkward looking—and looking sharp is an essential when it comes to picking out your winter gear.  Heated coats are a win-win: they’re both warm and fashionable.

If you aren’t in the market for a super cozy coat, maybe you would like to buy a different heated article of clothing.  There are pants, vests, hoodies, gloves, and socks with built-in heaters too.  

So where can you find this warm clothing?  If you search “heated apparel online,” you can find a plethora of high-quality online retailers with the perfect jacket for you.

But maybe you want try on your heated clothing in person, and that’s not a problem. Walmart and Kohl’s also sell heated apparel.

Yes, one might worry that the battery in their heated jacket will die while in the midst of freezing weather, but extra batteries, portable battery chargers, and car chargers are available with certain brands of the heated clothing—just like for cell phones. 

So if you fear a cold winter, a heated jacket could be the perfect remedy.