Singers fight against inequality onstage in The Ally Coalition Talent Show


Singer Carly Rae Jepson performed a heartwarming collaboration with Jack Antonoff onstage in front of hundreds of fans in The Ally Coalition Stage in New York City back in early 2018.

Ashley Cohen, Contributing Writer

The annual Ally Coalition Talent Show will be taking place very soon, and it is not just any other ordinary show.  It is a nonprofit event that raises funds for minorities and the LGBTQ community, and has announced a brand-new lineup of famous performers.  The show is set to take place at Town Hall in New York City on Dec. 5. 

The organization responsible for the event is called The Ally Coalition (TAC).  TAC’s Annual Talent Show is celebrating five years of fighting for equality, representation, and other social issues, including homelessness among youth. 

“It is so great that they are hosting an event such as this to support
the LGBT community,” said freshman Abigail Kapoor.  

The founders, Jack Antonoff and his sister Rachel Antonoff, have created the organization to stop discrimination against people of the LGBTQ community and bring equality to them through the mainstream public.  One activity they do is build online campaigns in order to drive attention to current events by featuring celebrities.  A recent campaign the organization led was the “Make America Gay Again” campaign, which created a limited-edition shirt with American Apparel for the purpose of celebrating Pride Month.

“I can already tell that the event is going to be a major success, and I
wish I could go,” said sophmore Ellen Efkarpidis.

The night will mainly help Detroit’s Ruth Ellis Center and New York’s New Alternatives for LGBT+ and homeless youth by holding a star-studded event.   The event will be hosted by Rachel Antonoff and feature special guests to perform, such as Andrew Dost, Lana Del Rey, Rostam, Sasheer Zamata, and more. Past performers have included Lorde, Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sara Bareilles, Kacey Musgraves, and others.

“I can’t believe celebrities are being so kind to offer their services
for their support of the people of LGBTQ,” said sophomore Anastasia

The talent show will celebrate five years of TAC.   Its co-founder and Grammy Award-Winning Artist, Jack Antonoff, will curate the evening.  The event uses its partnership with the artists to not only support the LGBTQ community, but also advocate the youth on gender issues, self-identity, and equality.  Members of the community, fans, and the general public are able to engage in these issues through support on social media or donations to the organization in order to continue with these efforts. 

“I didn’t even though that there were organizations such as this to help
create equality and support for these people in need across the entire
country,” said senior Maya Leong.  “I am very excited what TAC will have in store for their future events!”

In midst of a diversified society where more minorities are being targeted, TAC is more committed than ever to work with its team and partners to fight against this widespread inequality through this warm and welcoming event.