Annual “Summer Together” Fundraiser

Tiffany Lippmann, Contributing Writer

On Dec. 12, the Dolphin Bookshop & Cafe hosted the “Summer Together 2019” charity event, a concert run by many community groups.

The community groups that participated included the Community Synagogue, Temple Beth Israel, the United Methodist Church of Port Washington, Port Together, Our Lady of Fatima, and many more.

Leading the event is the organization Long Island Together, which partnered up with the Parent Resource Center.  The event included local groups, all of which have different recreational affiliations, backgrounds, and religious beliefs.  The event included performances from Bach to Rock bands and interfaith choirs, with some of these performances featuring holiday music.  

Long Island Together’s motive for holding the concert was to raise money for their fundraiser “Welcoming the stranger: Stronger Together.”

“Welcoming the stranger: Stronger Together” is the first event that will start the organization’s 2019 summer program.  This program was created to help Port Washington families.  Last year, “Summer Together” provided 19 families with pool memberships to the Manorhaven Beach Park.  In addition, they also helped 53 kids go to a summer camp, and raised over $8,000 to assist Port residents in need. 

“It’s important to help Long Island Together raise money, because it allows kids to enjoy their summer at the pool or at a summer camp,” said sophomore Julia O’Sullivan.   “I think it’s an amazing thing that they’re doing and I hope that they can help more families this summer.”