Ariana Grande’s recent music video breaks Youtube records


Ariana Grande and her “plastics” squad reenact the famous “Jingle Bell Rock” scene from the movie Mean Girls using, instead, the background music as “thank u, next.”

Frankie Ader, Staff Assistant

We’re all familiar with the hype Ariana Grande’s new single “Thank U, Next” created upon the release of just its audio earlier in November. Fans went wild over the message the song’s message, catchy lyrics, and tune, and the single reached the top charts on the day of its release. 

It wasn’t really until the song’s music video came out, though, when the country began to rage over it.  Shortly after the song dropped, Grande and her team began to create her star-studded 2000’s inspired music video. The music video came out on Nov. 30 and broke the YouTube record for the most views in the first 24 hours of release, garnering an impressive total of 46 million views. 

The video for “Thank U, Next” therefore took the title from the previous record holder K-pop group BTS, whose music video for the song “Idol” in August collected 45.9 million views in 24 hours.

Grande’s music video incorporates scenes from four different movies that explore the theme of female empowerment: Mean Girls, Bring It On, Legally Blonde, and 13 Going on 30. Prior to its official release, the singer used her social media platforms to hint at different aspects of the video, causing both fans and non-fans alike to start looking forward to the video’s reveal.

“That music video was the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said sophomore Avery Silfin.

The video starts off with Grande as Regina George from Mean Girls making her “Burn Book” with all of her exes.  In this section, she references her exes Pete Davidson, Big Sean, Mac Miller, and others.   

Grande then walks through the hallways with the rest of the “Plastics,” including former “Victorious” star Elizabeth Gillies who plays Cady Heron in the music video and Jade West in the original “Victorious.”

Singer Troye Sivan, comedian Colleen Ballinger, YouTube star Gabi DeMartino, and Mean Girls actors Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Drummond all play small parts in this part of the video.  

“As soon as I clicked on the music video, I was amused by the humorous content of the music video,” said senior Joyce Lin.  “Through her song and music video, I could relate with any past rough experiences like in relationships.”

The characters then go into the iconic Jingle Bell Rock talent show scene from Mean Girls.  The dance is almost exactly the same as that of the original performance, and some argue that it’s even better because Kris Jenner plays Regina’s mom.  Jenner is seen video-taping and dancing along to the performance.  

“It is so cool how she [Grande] used old movies in the video,” said sophomore Allie Salzman. 

The Bring It On scenes start with Grande on her bed as the main character, Torrance. The original scene of Torrance brushing her teeth with her step-brother is re-enacted with Matt Bennett, who played Robbie Shapiro in “Victorious.”

During the kick-line and cheerleading scene throughout the chorus, Victorious star Daniella Monet also makes a cameo during the Bring It On kick-line scene to complete the “Victorious” reunion.

Grande also does an excellent job as the 13 Going on 30 character Jenna Rink. Not only does she also bring her dollhouse to the front of a house after the wedding, but Grande’s outfit and hair look identical to that of Jenna’s in the original movie.  

Last, and most certainly not least, the Legally Blonde “bend and snap” scene was filmed with Jennifer Coolidge.  

Coolidge plays Paulette in Legally Blonde, and was still able to stun the audience with this character many years later. In the video, after Grande demonstrates a “bend and snap,” the whole hair salon joins in, just like it happened in the movie. 

With all of these meaningful and humorous cameos, the music video of “Thank U, Next” trended online for days. The video not only broke the record for the most views in one day, but it was also titled as the fasted music video to reach 100 million views faster on YouTube, beating Adele’s “Hello” record from 2015.

“It is fun seeing all the different famous people in the video. Especially the scene with Jennifer Coolidge which was really funny,” said sophomore Sari Hartstein.

After many days of anticipation, the music video of “Thank U, Next” was finally released and received much love by millions of fans.  Not only is it considered one of the most impactful music videos of 2018 as it broke a major YouTube record, but it also pays homage to beloved 2000’s classics.  With this, Grande’s music video has people singing “thank you, next” anywhere and everywhere.