Holiday Decorations on Main Street

On the last day of November, Port Washington always gets into the holiday spirit by putting up decorations all around Main Street in an effort to make the town look beautiful for all residents.

This year, the decorations consisted of holiday garland ties along the street lights and bright LED snowflakes on many of the utility posts.

“Even just walking home, I notice the trees with red ribbons and the lit up snowflakes on the posts. I love living in a town that helps its residents get into the holiday spirit,” said junior Laura Zion.

Along with the decorations installed by the Port Washington Board of Directors, many restaurants on Main Street also contributed to the decorations as well.  Gino’s Pizzeria put in an effort by painting their windows with snowmen, trees, menorahs, and more holiday-related items to make it look similar to a winter wonderland.

Furthermore, there was a Menorah placed in front of Mediterranean market place next to a tree covered in eye-catching ornaments, wreaths on f.i.s.h. on main, and tasteful decorations on the windows at Baltimore Collection & Design. 

“The decorations installed on Main Street look so beautiful and help enhance the holiday spirit for a few weeks, which adds to why I love this time of the year so much,” said sophomore Kate Steigman.

Many Port residents claim that these decorations serve as a great way to include everyone in the community in on the festivities, especially those who are unable to purchase flashy lights or a large Christmas tree. In this way, these residents believe that the holiday decorations on Main Street enable everyone to feel like they are a part of something, and in general bring joy to those who may not celebrate a specific holiday or prefer not to decorate. 

“Although I don’t celebrate Hanukkah, seeing the the decorations and going to Mainstreet every year with my friends and family really gets me in the holiday spirit. I love supporting my friends and learning about their different cultures too,” said senior Cristian Demeo.

In this way, the tradition of putting up decorations on Main Street has given people of all ages the opportunity to experience the magic of the holidays this year.