Port Holiday Magic spreads cheer to local businesses


The Island Now

Students from Schreiber’s Key Club stand alongside holiday characters as they help support local businesses at Port Holiday Magic.

Yazmeen Deyhimi, Contributing Writer

On Nov. 28, the streets of Port Washington began to bustle with the sounds of seasonal cheer as Port Holiday Magic transformed the town into a winter wonderland.

Throughout the day, stores up and down Main Street were dusted with holiday spirit as locals filled the stores to decorate.

The entire event was organized by Residents Forward, the Greater Port Washington BID, and the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce, all of which are community organizations that make efforts to promote the betterment of Port Washington.  

“Port Holiday Magic is an important occasion that helps support our local businesses in town.  It opens our eyes to the possibilities of shopping locally,” said sophomore Susana Noto.

Additionally, the fees for the ticket meters were suspended for the day, further inducing the holiday spirit and keeping in step with the theme of giving.  Port Washington residents enjoyed getting involved while also promoting local businesses.

“Port Holiday Magic is a great opportunity for the residents of Port Washington to celebrate the holidays in a social and entertaining way,” said sophomore Samantha Radinsky.  “It is also a great way for the residents of Port Washington to notice and pay attention to the small businesses in the town that work hard to satisfy their customers.”  

The great discounts at the stores and free refreshments were also a popular aspect of the event.  Residents were able to get free Hanukkah gelt and candy canes, as well as free popcorn and cotton candy snacks. 

Santa Claus came to spread holiday cheer as he accompanied children on free trolley rides, and gave them a chance to sit on his lap to recite what they wanted for Christmas.  Some residents even participated by dressing up as elves, reindeer, and candy canes.  Others decided to get involved by caroling to shoppers.

“The caroling was the best part,” said sophomore Rory Woods.

The event not only attempted to spread cheer throughout the community, but also tried to assist small businesses in gaining popularity.  As many residents and Schreiber students alike can attest, Port Holiday Magic made efforts to light up the streets of Port Washington.