Staying in shoe still this Fashion File: trendy sneakers

Especially as of late in the fashion industry, there has been a trend towards allowing customers to express their own unique styles.  Within our own town, many people tend to adopt current sneaker trends and experiment with different brands, color, and variations.

For instance, some students have made the decision to start wearing Nike Air Force sneakers.  Air Force 1s were originally shoes meant for basketball, but when designers saw how fascinated even non-basketball players were with these shoes, they created other versions. 

Nike’s expansion of Air Force 1s has proven to be a huge success, especially among high schoolers.  These sneakers have even begun to replace the previous trend of Adidas superstars.  

These shoes range in color, from black and white, to neon colors, to more neutral tan and gold. Whether you prefer the traditional white or the other colorful options, there exists a wide variety of options for teens.

The Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are iconic around school, whether it be in the low, mid rise, or high top style.  These sneakers are also known for their comfortability as they provide your feet with a lot of support by having a bit of a heel.  

In addition, these shoes are appropriate for all four seasons as they are extremely durable.  All of these factors make the sneakers an overall great investment.

Air Force 1’s range from a price of $60-$100 depending on the size, type, color, and other possible customizations.  They are easily found at all major websites, including

In addition to Nike’s sneakers, another up-and-coming brand is Fila, an Italian brand founded over 100 years ago.  As opposed to Nike’s basketball origins, Fila makes tennis shoes, most notably for tennis pro Kim Clijsters.

Around school, the most popular style is the Disruptor sneaker.  This particular style is easily recognized for its tall height with a bumpy and jagged platform.  Similar to the Air Force 1’s, they also vary in color and styles. 

The Disruptor comes in a price range of around $50-90.  These sneakers, and many others, are available both online at Fila’s official website and at most basic sneaker stores.

These two shoes represent our present style in the evolution of sneakers, as they demonstrate how shoes that were originally almost exclusively intended for professional athletes are starting to adopt styles for everyday people. Shoe trends are constantly changing, so make sure to keep an eye out in the hallways for the next popular shoe!