Travis Scott’s Astroworld tour has fans on roller coaster


Singer Travis Scott surprises thousands of fans by performing “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” with raper Kendrick Lamar at Madison Square Garden.

Avery Silfin, Staff Writer

Ever since Aug. 3, Travis Scott fans have been counting down the seconds until they were able to see him perform live. In the midst of summer, Scott released his third studio album, and possibly his most popular, Astroworld. Fans were immediately mesmerized by Scott and his multiple collaborations with The Weeknd, 21 Savage, Drake, Swae Lee, and more. The chart-topping song Sicko Mode attracted many by its unique sound. Many would say that Scott’s new album has changed the genre of rap and revolutionized Scott’s career. 

“WISH YOU WERE HERE” was not only the tours slogan, but what was racing through the minds of excited fans hoping to snag tickets to the show of a lifetime. 

On Nov. 27 at Madison Square Garden, New York, the opening act, Trippie Redd, made everyone “WAKE UP” and get hyped for Scott’s appearance on stage. 

“Trippie Redd really got the show going and knew how to work the crowd. He’s a great performer and it made the overall experience that much better,” said junior Ally Glassman.

 As the audience anxiously waited, the lights went out and the spotlight went on Scott. The room was silent, and for that split second, everyone at the concert had their eyes on the stage. As soon as the music came on, the mood instantly changed and party broke out. Fans in the pit and in seats were going crazy as Scott played his hit song “STARGAZING.” Scott continued to play fan favorite songs, and the crowd was loving every moment of it.

 “Being able to hear the music performed live was exciting since it’s always through my headphones. Going to a place where everyone can bond over music is a fun experience,” said junior Dee Neocleous. 

What made the concert so special was not just the songs, but the set design as well. Throughout the night, Scott projected a plentiful amount of fun graphics throughout the multiple stadiums he performed in. Many slogans and sayings associated with the album appeared. To take it to the next level, Scott had a roller coaster at every location on his tour. During one of the album’s most popular songs, “CAN’T SAY,” Scott sang the song on the coaster, many times choosing a fan at random to ride with him. At one of his latest shows in Madison Square Garden, fans were ecstatic to see Kylie Jenner, his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Stormi Webster, pop out on stage and ride the coaster with him. With fun guest appearances and funky stage setup, Scott made for a memorable night.

“When Kylie came out, I almost fainted,” said junior Julia Semilof.   “Not only is Travis my favorite artist, but Kylie is my fashion inspiration. The two of them together made for the most perfect pair.”

Although many have nothing but positive things to say about the concert, a few have some constructive critiques of the show. Some of the fans in the general admission area were packed on the floor, and at many times experienced the concert phenomenon, “the mosh pit.” Even though those who bought general admission tickets expected a crowded, lively experience, some felt that it was too much. Not everyone can be pleased with every aspect of the concert, and there can only be so many glowing reviews. 

“The floor was way too crowded. Although I loved Travis’ set design and performance, the mosh pit definitely impacted my overall enjoyment,” said junior Liv Depietto from Scarsdale Senior High School. 

Overall, Travis Scott played the tour of his career. Not only was his album a success, but his concerts were sold out all over the country and fans spent their money on his exclusive Astroworld merchandise. The album and the artist have changed the music industry, and all eyes are on Scott to see what he does next.