How to stay super “sister” stylish with this new palette


James Charles’ new eye shadow palette features a variety of colors to match many moods and occasions.

Zoe Basulto, Assistant Features Editor

With the increase in technology use in society, more and more consumers turn to the internet for advice on the latest fashion trends.  In particular, makeup ideas and tutorials have become extremely widespread throughout YouTube.  With this easy accessibility to various sources of inspiration and creativity, makeup gurus have surged in popularity, along with the products they promote. 

Nineteen-year-old James Charles epitomizes this trend, with around 26 million total Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers.  Due to his massive following, Charles’ launch of his own makeup collection, the James Charles x Morphe “The James Charles Palette” eyeshadow palette and brushes, was a huge success and has become well sought out after.

“I have consistently watched James Charles on YouTube and as soon as he announced the release of his palette, I knew I had to get one.  I love all of the shades and due to its versatile colors I can use it for any occasion,” said senior Molly Schiff. 

This palette consists of 39 bold and vibrant colors, spanning all color schemes and each having a unique name related to one of Charles’ many catch phrases, such as “Love that” or “Sister.”  It retails for $39, which is on the cheaper side for a palette of such an expansive nature. 

The palette actually includes pressed pigments instead of the typical eyeshadow formulas in order to ensure that the colors remain vibrant and are long-lasting.  As a result, different techniques should be adopted in order to ensure the best results.  For example, Charles recommends using an eyelid primer and then using a flat brush to put on the shadow.

As reflective of the phrase printed on the palette, “unleash your inner artist,” the palette was created with the goal of enabling individuals to need only one palette to create any look imaginable.  In addition to everyday neutral looks, Charles promotes avant-garde, extravagant makeup looks on his channel, including galaxy or butterfly-inspired designs. 

“The release of this palette has dramatically changed my makeup looks.  Instead of opting for more neutral tones, I have begun experimenting with bright colors that immediately transform my entire style,” said senior Rachel Silberg.

Due to the popularity of Charles and his content, including 9.1 million views on his palette announcement video, the palette sold out internationally in less than one day. It has been extremely difficult to obtain a palette, but there have been restocks lately. Once people get their hands on it, they all seem to immediately fall in love it. 

Charles even held a massive Grand Opening and Meet and Greet for a Morphe store at the local Roosevelt Field Mall on Saturday Dec. 1, which attracted hundreds of fans, including freshman Mikayla Gargani. 

“I was so happy that I was able to meet James Charles!  I have been watching his videos for so many years and he has always inspired me to push boundaries as I express myself through makeup.  I love his new palette and use it all of the time,” said Gargani.

Charles’ palette has proven to be a major success, with countless restocks and great reviews.  His ability to connect to his audience through YouTube has definitely helped in launching his career, and it will be interesting to see what other trends are able to transform the makeup industry as a result of this platform.