Students plan to perform at annual All-County Jazz Festival

Joe Clark, Staff Writer

The All-County Division III, IV, and V instrumental vocal jazz concert is set to take place on Sunday, Jan. 20 at the Hillwood Recital Hall at the Tilles Center Concert Hall. 

Jazz artists from all over Long Island will be performing at the concert. Students from Long Island University (LIU), Schreiber students, and Nassau county residents will have the opportunity to attend this event.

This well-anticipated event targets jazz lovers from around the county, and allows them to come show off their skills. They are also able to talk to others who share their immense appreciation for jazz. Similar to other All-County concerts, certain talented students have the chance to progress to become All-State musicians after they participate in the All-County concert.

The Nassau Music Educators Association has put together this event for the 

higher-level performing artists and bands to come together and perform pieces that they have been learning and mastering for months. 

“It’s impressive how fast the Nassau Music Educators Association was able to put the event together,” said band teacher in Schreiber’s music department Mr. Shane Helfner.  

Jazz is a very specific music genre that many artists particularly love to perform, as the different beats and rhymes allow artists to express themselves in a different style compared to those of more traditional pieces that are usually assigned to All-County bands. 

At Schreiber, students can participate in jazz band as it is an extracurricular club that allows young musicians to come together to perform kind of music that they love. 

Once individuals are chosen for All-County based on an audition and recommendation, they then move onto the practice phase. Teenagers from all around Nassau County, including both vocalists and instrumentalists, are currently finishing up their practices at the Hillwood Recital Hall in anticipation of the big upcoming day.  

“On the night of the event, the All-County students come together and perform in an ensemble to display their individual talents,” said Mr. Helfner. 

Many students and teachers alike are extremely excited for this event, as they have high hopes for everybody who is performing. 

“Schreiber has such great music programs, and I’m just so excited to see jazz students perform at the concert. You really can see the hard work pay off,” said senior Margaret Harper.

As students wait for the event in anticipation, some are excited to meet other students around Long Island who share their interest in music, while others are just elated to be participating in such a high-level performing ensemble. If you share a love of jazz and are not performing, consider attending the concert located at Hillwood Recital Hall on Jan. 20!