What your zodiac sign has planned for the first month of the new year

Zoe Basulto and Julia Bischoff

Aries- You’re doing big things this month!  Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto are all entering you tenth house of fame and honors, which means that you’ll be doing some great things that will earn you the recognition you deserve.

Taurus- Now is the time to go on an adventure.  A solar eclipse of Capricorn is entering the ninth house of wide horizons, so there is plenty to explore for you; you are bound to find something!  Maybe do some self-exploration, or find a cool hidden spot in Port.  Or, if that’s not possible, go on a trip to somewhere you’ve never been to before! 

Gemini- Saturn is in your eighth house, the house of finances, meaning that you just might stumble upon some financial success this month!  However, it is essential that you spend your money wisely.  Perhaps avoid spending that popular but very overpriced cup of coffee and opt for one that is homemade, or slightly more economical. 

Cancer- This is definitely going to be your month!  You might be stressed out now, but don’t worry as things will get better.  Focus on what needs to get done, and, though you may want to, try your best to not procrastinate. You may find much of your stress to be relieved that way!  Maybe you’ll even be able to ace all of your midterms, who knows? Well, the stars sure do!  

Leo- You may be feeling distracted and exhausted during the beginning of this month, but don’t worry.  As of the eclipse on Jan. 5, the fog has officially been lifted for you and you will now be able to focus more!  Also, you’ll find yourself in the company of a new group of people who will be sure to have your back at all times.  

Virgo- Love is in the air.  You might not have had much time to relax this month, but the stars will make it up to you in terms of romance.  Don’t try too hard or go out of your way to find it, focus on yourself.  In doing so, love is bound to find you.  Good luck, lovebirds!  

Libra- With the transition between semesters, make sure to keep up in regards to productivity. Use the time after midterms to re-organize your school work: invest in a planner, clean up your workspace, and maybe even organize your Google Docs.  Make sure everything is in line for the beginning of third quarter. 

Scorpio- Communication is key this month.  Trade some texting for an in-person conversation.  Consider grabbing a coffee with a friend and catch up with them rather than just simply liking each other’s posts.  You will find that your relationships are going to grow stronger with this added effort. 

Sagittarius-   Congratulations, this is your lucky month!  Wealth and fortune will accumulate for you this time of year.  Needless to say, always be responsible with the money you are given.  Perhaps save up to buy yourself something special that you’ve been eyeing for a while!

Capricorn- Happy Birthday, Capricorns!  Celebrate your birthday surrounded by friends and family and enjoy your special day.  Following your celebrations, take time to give thanks to those close to you and remind them how meaningful their friendship is to you.

Aquarius- Really try to test the waters and push the boundaries this month.  Talk to people you don’t know, read a book outside of your comfort zone, and try out a new restaurant.  Experiment new things!  After all, there is no time like the present.  

Pisces- With Neptune here this month, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner self.  Meditation and relaxation will be the best way to start off the new year.  Buy a candle, join a yoga class, and take some time for yourself amongst all of the midterm stress.