Cactus Cafe: Tex-Mex with a new twist that you can’t resist

Cactus Cafes authentic decorations draws customers in for its delicious cuisine. You are bound to run into friends at this new popular Tex-Mex restaurant.

Cactus Cafe’s authentic decorations draws customers in for its delicious cuisine. You are bound to run into friends at this new popular Tex-Mex restaurant.

Jamie Ambos and Becca Sanders

In a town like Port Washington, where most businesses and restaurants are centered around Main Street, it is difficult to find tasty places to eat or hang out outside of the busier parts of town.  That was until, Cactus Cafe opened on Old Shore Road.

This new spot is perfect for the residents of the more secluded parts of town: Soundview, Manorhaven, and Sands Point.  Cactus Cafe is very similar to a Chipotle–it has upscale fast food and has a charming environment that’s perfect to just hang out in and grab a late night snack with some friends.

“Since I don’t drive, I would always have to take the train to Chipotle whenever I was in the mood, but now I can just walk over to Cactus Cafe and go there whenever I want,” said junior Amanda Hillman.

Cactus Cafe is marketed as an authentic Tex Mex restaurant.  Their menu is extensive, and they even have cheap breakfast options for commuters who are in a rush.

The Mexican portion of their menu obviously includes the staples, such as quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.  However, these items can be served “regular” or with a Tex Mex twist.  For example, you can add brisket to your quesadilla and smoked pork to your enchilada.

“I love how there is no other restaurant like Cactus Cafe in our community. It is so fun adding fun twists to my favorite Mexican dishes,” said town resident Mrs. Sherry Ambos.

In addition to being able to incorporate both Texan and Mexican tastes into one dish, you can also just get the Tex without the Mex.  The menu offers ribs, chicken, salads, soups and more for those opting for this choice.

Not only does the menu cater to older students and parents, but there is also a small kids menu available, ensuring that people of all ages can enjoy all that Cactus Cafe has to offer.

The restaurant’s ambiance is also very unique, unlike that of other local Mexican places.  Before this new addition, Port Washington only had Mi Ranchito and Mojito Cafe. However, both of these places are more formal and not great for a quick snack.  For these restaurants, you need ample time to sit down and have a meal, instead of ordering quickly to get rid of your Quesadilla craving.  Cactus Cafe’s food is just as delicious, but come out faster, which allows customers to come and go as they please.

“Port Washington needed a new restaurant with an exciting and inventive menu.  The barbeque options at Cactus Cafe were definitely missing from the food scene in town,” said junior Sarah Hersh.

Cactus Cafe has been very crowded recently with people hoping to try its tasty offerings.  The restaurant is bringing more business to Port, and is amplifying the already-impressive restaurant scene in town.  In conjunction with the proximity to the water and various dessert places, Cactus Cafe is exactly what our town needed.