What vibes are the universe sending you this February?

Zoe Basulto and Julia Bischoff

Aries- Chill vibes are coming your way, look towards yourself this month.  You worked super hard first semester, so treat yourself this semester.  As Ariana Grande would say, “I want it, I got it.”  That’s your theme this month. 

Taurus- Groovy vibes are coming your way this February.  Try the styles you never thought you could pull off.  You’re one rocking human being, and now is the perfect time to show everyone.  Don’t be afraid to be funky, and get yourself out there.

Gemini- Has second semester got you slumped?  Don’t worry, and don’t be too hard on yourself.  Pick yourself back and dust yourself off, you still have the rest of the year ahead of you to do great things.  Let’s get this bread, and attain this grain. 

Cancer- Listen up sis, you have to believe in yourself this month.  Maybe try not to doubt every move you make, and have a little confidence.  The universe is sending positive vibes your way, so take advantage of them and do your very best. 

Leo- Some wacky vibes are coming your way, so don’t get too ahead of yourself this month.  It may feel like everything around you is going a million miles an hour, but so are your thoughts.  Just check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

 Virgo- Energetic energy is coming for you, Virgos!  No need for that large iced coffee anymore because now, as the Virgo full moon aligns, you will be feeling the best you have in months.  Capture this energy and use it towards something positive. 

Libra-Do you find yourself often daydreaming, imagining all of the possible opportunities in the world?  Start making those dreams your reality and make an effort each and every day to achieve them.  Every step counts, and this month you will notice major strides towards your goal.

Scorpio-Romantic vibes are on their way.  Even though Valentine’s Day overwhelms the first half of February, don’t overlook its abilities to influence the second half also. Although you may not have had a valentine to celebrate with, let your heart guide you to someone special. 

Sagittarius-In the words of Kanye West, “They say good things come to those who wait. So I’ma be at least an hour late.”  It may seem as though you’ve been waiting for things to fall into place for awhile now, but this month’s new moon will cause you to see the silver lining in all of the waiting. 

Capricorn-As midterms are behind us, no matter what grade you are in, make the most of the second half of the school year.  Enjoy every off period, say “hi” to everyone in the hallway, and stop by and simply ask a teacher how their day is.  Before you even know it, finals week will be upon us. 

Aquarius-Happy Birthday to you!  Let this year bring about new things because new age, new you!  Start it off by trying out a new type of birthday cake or celebrating a unique way, and let these vibes seep into your other behaviors. 

Pisces-Healthy energy is being sent in your direction.  Your sleeping habits may have been compromised lately for binge watching TV.  This month, try to reason with yourself if that next episode is really worth compromising forty precious minutes of sleep.  You will end up thanking yourself the next morning and find more success in school!