Boys lacrosse looks to veteran players to lead the season

Zach Gitlin, Staff Writer

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As the spring season began on Mar. 4, the lacrosse team was ready to avenge last year’s playoff loss.  This year, the goal once again is to win the county championship.  However, important players, such as Drew Turner and James Dalimonte, graduated after the 2018 season.  Either way, this year’s seniors and juniors alike offer an impressive group that has the full potential to bring the County Championship back home.  The team members know that it will be important to stick together, focus everyday, and not take any of their impressive talent for granted in order to get to this level.  If they are able to do these things, their talent will be enough to achieve anything. 

One of the most important aspects of building the team this year comes from the impressive group of seniors and juniors the squad brings.  In the junior class, two college commits, Zander Stapleton and Mikey Beil, lead the class.  These two, along with fellow juniors Brian Pohoreckyj and Brandon Caslow, have led each year that they have been on the team.  Since the beginning of these students’ time at Schreiber, they have represented the model for hard work and team pride. In addition, the juniors claim to have given their all for the Vikings.  As for the seniors, they are led by goalie AJ Galassi. 

“AJ has been in the program for a long time and reminds us how hard we have to work to reach our goal,” said junior midfielder Caslow.  

Under the leadership of Galassi, the team boasts experience as he is a player who has been in the big spots numerous times in his illustrious varsity career.  Other big-time seniors include Steven Betsch and Teddy Nelson, the team leaders who show the Vikings that the lacrosse team is a highly capable group.  Each and every member of the squad, including underclassman, such as Sophomore Jensen Weingard and Sophomore Jared Morales, will look to help the team in their playoff push.

“We have very good team chemistry because we practice all year long, get food together and enjoy being part of the team.  Chemistry will help us achieve our goal and play better as a team.  We don’t care who scores the goal as long as the ball is in the back of the net,” said Caslow.  “It is important to come everyday to practice and work hard and compete to get each other better.”

That type of chemistry will be important to not only bring the team together off the field, but also to help them during games.  Each and every member being close and knowing each other is one of the most important tools in any sports teams’ success.  If the team is capable of finding their combination of on and off field chemistry, the members will be able to lock into an intensity that will become unstoppable.  Around the sports world, chemistry is widely regarded as an important tool for long term success.  The Vikings will attempt to bring that to their own team.  If they do, they may already be well on their way to ending the season a success.

When it’s all set and done, the team has the success to make a far playoff run.  Just how far the Vikings can go?

The Vikings know they can go far.  If they have the right amount of hard work, pride, and dedication as well as chemistry they can put together a great season.

If the team can rely on their leaders from the senior and junior class, focus their talent in the right direction, and maintain a good team chemistry, they will be unstoppable.  It is all about putting the pieces together to make that work.  They seem to be on the right track, and it will be exciting to see where the rest of 2019 takes the team.

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