Editorial: Senior robes: another unnecessary expense

It is almost that time of the year when Schreiber students begin to prepare themselves for the end of the year.  Whether this be by reviewing for finals, planning for summer vacations, or getting ready to transition into college, everyone is starting to wistfully thinking of warm, sunny June days.  For seniors specifically, though, this also means purchasing their cap and gowns for graduation, and this is precisely when a number of concerns arise.

From March 19 to 20, in the Main Lobby, seniors had the opportunity to place their orders for cap and gowns. There are a variety of packages students can choose from.

These packages ranged from the bare minimum of only a cap, gown, and tassel to what is known as a “Deluxe Grad Pack.” This kind of pack includes an ice tassel, 2019 spinner keychain, and senior water bottle in addition to the aforementioned three items. There were also two medium-priced packages students could choose that range in what they offer from the items listed previously.

If none of these packages were fitting, there was also an option where students could order the senior souvenirs separately in addition to the “Basic Grad Pack.”

The cost of these items are all quite pricey, ranging from $50 to $118.  If orders are placed after the days mentioned above, there is also a $5 late fee.

These costs can weigh heavily on students and their parents, especially when one takes into account the other fees associated with the end of senior year, including purchasing tickets for Gambol, tickets for the Red Carpet, outfits for graduation, dresses and suits for prom, limo charges, and graduation parties.

The orders are placed through a company called Herff Jones, which also sells the High School Class Rings.  Seniors also must purchase these items with the understanding that there is no existing way for students to solely rent the caps and gowns, or even return their gowns to school or company for a refund or a partial refund. 

There is also no advertised alternative for students to have if they want a cheaper option for their cap and gown.  For this reason, The Schreiber Times believes that the company, or even the school itself, should strive towards providing or publicizing a cheaper alternative to caps and gowns so that students and their families will not have to stress even more at the end of the school year.  Preparing for one’s high school graduation should be an enjoyable process, not one that generates stress from students who must worry about spending their money on purchasing caps and gowns that they will likely only have to wear literally once in their life for just a handful of hours.