What meme is the universe astrally DMing you this March?

Zoe Basulto and Julia Bischoff

Aries-  This month is pretty hit or miss.  And you might be thinking, huh? But if you work hard this month, and really put in the effort, and stay on the universe’s good side, you’ll never be able to miss. (If you got a boyfriend though, I bet that he won’t kiss ya, MWAH.)

Taurus- When the security guard cards you but you are really a second semester senior. Don’t worry, though, and appreciate your youth while it lasts because you have plenty of time to grow up!

Gemini- This month you might be thinking: who gon’ check me boo? And the answer is the universe.

Cancer-  That moment when you have an essay due tomorrow, two tests to study for, an entire book to read, three pages of math homework to complete, and are trying to figure out how to get it all done in 45 minutes. Practice time management is essential for you this month!

Leo-   Lately, you may have been feeling lost, like you’re blindly navigating your life. However, you will soon regain your sight, which will enable you to get back on course.

Virgo- This month is definitely going to be your month. Just like the vans, no matter how many times the universe is going to toss you, you’ll always end up landing right side up.

Libra- Over the course of these next few weeks, you will gain lots of attention and appreciation for your many talents. Make sure to take advantage of your five minutes of fame while it lasts and to not take it for granted.

Scorpio- It may seem as though you’ve been slapped in the face lately, but don’t worry! Shake it off and get organized. The future is looking exciting!

Sagittarius- You may think that just because you have AirPods you are superior to everyone else. Sit down, be humble!

Capricorn- There’s going to be a couple of people this month where you’re just gonna have do it to ‘em. Get rid of the sources of toxic energy in your life, and do what you have to do this month. Once you dispose of these vibes, life will get better. Consider it spring cleaning for you social life. And if anyone ever asks, you just had to do it to ‘em.

Aquarius- Your impulses may be getting the best of you lately. Life is a highway, ride it all night long and don’t take the easy exit out!

Pisces- Happy Birthday, Pisces! So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?