Mindful March

Ava Fasciano, Graphics Editor

When considering the workload the typical high school student faces, simply describing it as stressful is an understatement.  We often become absorbed in our laundry list of responsibilities and fail to acknowledge our circumstance on a deeper level.  We are in desperate need of an opportunity to step back, focus on the positives, and be mindful.

Mindfulness, or focusing on the present, is a process that comes through meditation.  Most Schreiber students do not get exposed to this beneficial coping mechanism.

However, Schreiber staff and parents recognized the importance of being mindful, and decided to make meditation accessible to the entire student body.

During the each Monday in the month of March, students were given the opportunity to meet in the commons and relieve the stress during periods 4-1 and 4-2.

Each session consisted of five minutes of breath work, 10 minutes of postures, and five minutes of rest.  There was a new class theme every week, including Stability and Balance, Peace and Joy, Emotional and Physical Strength, and Gratitude and Contentment.

“I actually really enjoyed meditating in school because it made me forget about my school responsibilities and allowed me to focus on myself,” said sophomore Sophie Penson.

The parents who made Mindful Mondays possible were volunteers Erica Fazzari and Orly Dotan.  Fazzari, a certified yoga practitioner and teacher, is extremely passionate about what she does and was enthusiastic to encourage the spread of gratitude and mindfulness in Schreiber. She received help from Dotan, an organized psychologist and a certified life coach.

While this event was organized with the intentions of student participation during off periods, not many students chose to take advantage of the free yoga instruction.  However, Mindful Mondays were more successful when teachers brought their students to participate during a class period.

Despite many students’ lack of enthusiasm, Assistant Principal Dr. Julie Torres is hopeful that Mindful Mondays will return in the future and make a greater impact on the Schreiber student body.