New season, new vibes: what is in store for you in this spring season?

Zoe Basulto and Julia Bischoff, Assistant Features Editor and Features Editor

Aries- Life has been one twisty roller coaster for you lately, but don’t worry. With spring around the corner, your time will come to lift off the lap bars and be able to relax.

Taurus- April showers bring may flowers, so don’t let the doom and gloom of the rainy season get you down! Just persist through all of the bad weather, and good vibes will come. The nice, sunny season you’ve been waiting for will be heading your way.

Gemini- Allergies got you down? Or just life in general? Fear not, for spring will offer you a nice reset button. Forget about the past, and put positivity out into the world. Hit the beach, buddy, and forget about all the bad vibes out in the world.

Cancer- April might be your month, but only if you work hard enough to make it so. Stop procrastinating, and actually do your assignments on time, even if that means putting off something that is more fun.

Leo- It’s time to do some spring cleaning in your mind. Maybe that means taking just a couple days for yourself to “reset,” or reconnecting with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Whatever it is, make this month be about bettering yourself.

Virgo- Your tendency towards perfectionism is going to cause you a little bit of trouble this month. Deadlines are coming up fast this quarter, so don’t stress out if an assignment isn’t coming out exactly the way you planned; just take a moment to breathe and stress a little less.

Libra-Doesn’t it feel as though the new year was just yesterday? With time flying by so fast, make sure you treasure each and every moment, whether it be studying with friends or going out for a swim!

Scorpio-Between Ralph’s and the Wharf opening recently, with all these refreshing ice cream options, try to hit the gym afterwards. Take a run by the water, or even make the workout more manageable and do it with friends.

Sagittarius-Jupiter’s retrograde will bring a new awakening upon you. This April, keep an eye out for potential love interests because with prom coming up, it may be the perfect time to pursue them.

Capricorn-Is the recent warm weather reminding you of summer? Even though there are finally sunny skies, don’t let that keep you from finishing the year strong! Try to strike the right balance between getting good grades and a nice tan.

Aquarius-This April, Mars is going to be pushing you out of your comfort zone. If you take advantage of this push, you are certain to form both professional and friendly connections with new people!

Pisces- There’s a full moon aligning in your house this month, which means there’s going to be plenty of growth! Whether that be financially, personally, or in your relationships, there are going to be many new experiences and people coming into your life this month, so stay open-minded.