Restaurants with yummy eats and even tastier water views


Louie’s offers the perfect combination of seafood and water views. They take advantage of their prime location and even offer the ability to dock your boat while you eat.

Asher Charno, Staff Writer

Spring has arrived here in Port, and many townies are now reaping the benefits of what good weather has to offer. Some choose to walk in the parks or stroll the docks around our bay with the picturesque sunsets, but many prefer to enjoy the beautiful weather while eating a meal. The good news is that our town has many restaurants that provide ample outdoor seating for those who wish to dine outside. Whether you are looking for an affordable quick bite or a sit-down meal with a perfect view of Manhasset bay, Port Washington has a restaurant for anyone looking to enjoy all that spring has to offer.

Butler’s Flat, a family-owned and operated restaurant, has been serving fresh seafood in Port since its opening in 2012. With a wide variety of fried and fresh seafood classics, it has been a hit with people who seek to enjoy a casual meal by the water. The restaurant is located behind Manorhaven Park, so it can be tricky to find, but it is certainly worth it; in a way, it’s like a tasty treasure hunt! Butler’s Flat also chooses to support some of the local businesses in town with the food it serves.

“Butler’s Flat is one of my favorite places to go because the food along with the views makes it a fun place to get dinner,” said freshman Maxwell Meehan.

Another town spot with beautiful views of the water serving up a very cuisine is Nikkei of Peru, which was already recognized in a previous issue of the paper for its incredible scenery but deserves another shoutout. The restaurant, which has been rated by Newsday and the New York Times, has a menu that consists of some typical Japanese and Peruvian dishes. However, it also offers dishes that are a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, which can appeal to adventurous eaters. Although the outside space is limited, everyone can enjoy the outdoor views from every meal, and they usually open the garage style door facing the bay in the spring and summer, so that even more people can enjoy the beautiful weather.

Last but not least, Louie’s, which has been a restaurant-staple of Port Washington since the early 1900s, offers gorgeous waterfront views to its diners. In 1905, Louie’s opened as a restaurant not on the water, but in the water–it was initially a boat that would serve dinner to patrons willing to venture out on the ship. In 1920, Louie’s became an official, land-based restaurant and was expanded in 1954. Louie’s is centered around the bay and features many items that have been on the menu since it opened. The restaurant serves brunch, lunch, and dinner for seven days a week, and is typically packed year-round.

“I love to go to Louie’s and sit outside by the water,” said freshman Tyler Fazzari.

       Whether or not you enjoy dining at the restaurants, there are a plethora of options in Port Washington that cater to those who wish to sit outdoors and enjoy the spring and summertime. Remember to appreciate the warm weather and ask to sit outside once in a while before it gets too hot instead of opting to go to air-conditioned places, which will be in high demand. Bon appetit!