Schreiber grades compete for points in Spirit Week and Pep Rally


Kyle Wong

The juniors and freshman classes participate in the game of “Tug of War” during this year’s Pep Rally.

Maddie Hiller, Staff Writer

Beginning on April 8 and continuing through April 12, students participated in the 2019 Spirit Week.

Spirit Week has been a Schreiber tradition for quite some time, and students of all grades have been preparing their outfits for each day, ready to score the most points for their grade.

“I look forward to Spirit Week every year,” said junior Maansi Shroff.   “It’s a lot of fun to dress up each day and take pictures with friends. The spring pep rally is also fun because all students get to participate while the fall pep rally is dedicated to the sports teams. I think it’s better when every student is able to have school pride.”

The week started off with pajama day on Monday for all grades. Following that, Tuesday’s theme was music genres.  The freshmen dressed up in hip-hop styled outfits, the sophomores wore electronic dance music attire, the juniors decked out in rock & roll themed clothes, and the seniors dressed in country music clothes.

Wednesday’s theme was holidays. The freshmen were all clad in green for St. Patrick’s Day, the sophomores dressed up in red and pink for Valentine’s Day, the juniors wore winter holiday clothes, and the seniors dressed up for the Fourth of July.

Moving onto Thursday, each grade travelled back in time to different decades. The freshman went back to the 50s for the day, the sophomores dressed up as hippies for the 1960s, the juniors wore trendy clothes from the 1990s, and the seniors dressed up in 80s inspired clothing.

The week was then concluded with the spring pep rally, where each grade competed with one another in various activities. This year, the freshmen and juniors were assigned to wear white colors while the sophomores and seniors all wore blue. The juniors decided to customize their own apparel so that the whole grade could be joined together.

“I think that selling apparel was a super successful way to not only raise money for prom, but to unite our grade under uniform clothing. The apparel also gives students who aren’t a part of a sports team a chance to have school gear and show their spirit,” said Junior Class Club President Kayla Hill.

Many students from each grade claimed to have worked hard to create a banner to hang up in the gym to increase the spirit.

During the pep rally, students from all grade levels participated in traditional events, such as “Tug of War,” “Hungry-Hungry Hippos,” and “Under-Over Hoola Hoop Game.” Along with that, many teachers decided to participate in some events as well.  In the end, the juniors came in fourth place, the freshman came in third, the freshman came in second, and lastly, the seniors (quite surprisingly) ended up winning in first.

The pep rally was lead by senior MC’s Lulu Panico, Alyssa Alvez, Gracie Avazis, and Grace Freitas. Each senior ran the event with their spirit and enthusiasm, and many students commented that they truly helped make the event a memorable high school experience for them.