The dos and don’ts of prom hair and makeup

Jackeline Fernandes, Staff Writer

With the upcoming prom season, there have been many discussions in the halls about prominent hair and makeup styles for prom. Schreiber students are on the search for trendy attire and the right looks that will accent their attire for their prom nights. Junior prom falls on May 18, while Gambol takes place on June 21.

Many girls are turning to hair salons in town in order to get their hair done for the big night. Some popular local options include Aria Hair Salon, Shine Hair Salon, and the “Zing for Hair” Hair Salon. All three are located on Main Street.

“Zing has been becoming more and more popular among people in my grade,” said senior Naomi Steinberg. “A lot of seniors will be going to Zing to get their hair done for prom, and it’s right in the center of town! The hair stylists there are also very helpful in advising me with hairstyles.”

The Hairsay Hair Salon on Old Shore Road in particular has been growing increasingly popular in the past years around prom season.

“Many people got their hair done last year at Hairsay for junior prom,” said senior Anais Puentes. “I’m planning to get my hair done there for senior prom. It’s important to keep in mind to make an appointment far in advance to secure a spot there.”

A common hairstyle that many girls are going for, for both junior and senior prom, is the half-up half-down look, accented with curls for the half-down portion. Another common trend is simply leaving all the hair down, but curling it. Curls in any part of the hairstyle proves to be a a major hit among Schreiber prom-goers.

Although many girls will be going to hair salons to get their hair done, many are also styling their hair on their own at home with hairspray and a flat iron or curling iron.

“I’m planning to do my hair on my own this year,” said senior Lois Kim. “I’ll probably practice the day before the actual prom date to be sure that the style works well.”

Practicing your look before the actual prom date is crucial to ensuring a stress-free pre-prom, especially if you’re planning to do your hair and makeup at home. Most girls are planning to do their makeup on their own instead of having a special makeup artist do it for them.

“The day before JProm, I was trying to do my eyeshadow and see if the color would work for the next day to see if it would match with my dress and my shoes,” said Kim. “That’s what I’m planning to do this year as well.”

Senior prom makeup styles call for a stronger makeup game according to many seniors. Eyeshadow that matches the color of the dress that they are wearing is a must. On the other hand, many juniors claim that they’re going for a more casual makeup look since junior prom is more of a casual event when compared to Gambol.

“I think that junior prom is definitely more casual than senior prom in terms of attire and makeup looks,” said junior Maddie Gallagher. “But it really just depends on personal preference and whatever works for you!”

Prom night, whether it be junior prom or senior prom, is a chance for students to add some glamour and fun to their lives, if they so choose. Hairstyles and makeup are an essential part of the completed look, so be sure to give some consideration to these styles to have an enjoyable prom night with friends and fun pictures to look back on!