The premiere of Jane The Virgin leaves viewers wanting more


Fans love the plot twist that begins the fifth season of Jane the Virgin.

Frankie Ader, Staff Writer

After being off air for a period of time, The CW’s Jane the Virgin is finally back for a fifth season.  Unfortunately, this will be the last season of the beloved show.  While fans expressed disappointment because of this decision, they are nevertheless very excited to see what this new season has to offer. The premiere of season five aired on March 27, but is now available to watch for free on The CW website.

Season four ended with a major cliffhanger when Jane’s husband, Michael, came back from the dead. Viewers were surprised to see that the writers brought this character back, especially after Jane only recently got over his death.

Within the first few minutes of the episode, it becomes clear that Michael has some form of amnesia and is unable to remember much of his past.  In addition, he no longer wants to be called by the name “Michael,” and instead asks everyone to call him “Jason.”

Due to Michael’s, or now Jason’s, amnesia, he does not have the ability to remember Jane or anyone from his life, which includes his parents.  He has a completely new personality, which makes him almost unrecognizable.

Jane is shaken from this news but is longing to know how this all happened.

“The new episode was really good and many unexpected things happened,” said sophomore Abbie Garfin.  “I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.”

Jane becomes frustrated with Michael’s inability to remember their marriage and relationship, with her having many monologues throughout the episode that display how her sadness of his death carried on throughout the past five years, as well as how hard it has been for her as a single mother and a widow.

Jane continues to explain how it is so hard forget those feelings now, and these unexpected circumstances cause Jane to reconsider her relationship with Rafael, the father of her son Mateo. She soon realizes that she truly loves Rafael even though Michael has reappeared into her life.

“The premiere was so good, but I think Jane and Rafael should stay together instead of Jane and Michael,” said sophomore Sari Hartstein.

In the first episode of the show, Jane wore a yellow dress and marched into Michael’s office to declare that she loved him.  Now, in the first episode of the last season, it is fascinating to see the parallel as Jane walks into Rafael’s office wearing a yellow dress and attempts to make a huge public declaration of how much she loves him.

Jane’s career in writing was also affected by Michael’s arrival.  After many years of having writer’s block, she was finally able to have a theme for her novel prior to his return.  Jane informs her mother and grandmother that she is so excited to finally have a topic, but now feels like the whole thing has imploded due to the turn in events of her life.

Many fans are still wondering whether or not Michael will ever get his memory back.  Moreover, viewers are watching patiently as the true story behind Michael’s supposed death slowly unveils.  The only way to find out is to tune into season five!