Wait, what? You can wear cork?! That’s corky!

isabelle Kitay, Contributing Writer

Cork material is starting to play a more prominent role in the fashion community.  It is typically known to be used to top things like wine and sparkling cider, which is typically popped off during a celebration. But cork is very versatile; people can even wear it.

You might have seen people at the beach wearing cork sunglasses, cork bracelets, or even everyday walking shoes made with cork material.

This trend is becoming increasingly popular.

So, what exactly is “cork”?  Cork is made from the rugged tree bark of the Quercus Superbus.  This material is more than fashionable; it is environmentally friendly too! Cork production is generally considered sustainable because it is not necessary to cut down Quercus Superbus in order to obtain the cork. Instead, only the bark is stripped to harvest it.  The tree continues to live and grow, and is not damaged in any way.  It is therefore completely renewable and recyclable.  Cork also has buoyant, elastic, and fire retardant properties, which is a major bonus point when it comes to fashion. (Almost everyone wants to be “less” flammable.)

Still, though the cork trend is on the rise, many Schreiber students still have yet to hear of it or see someone wear-it-in-action.

“I didn’t even know cork was in fashion,” said freshman Ellie Shapiro.  

Those interested in “corky” fashion can easily find it in both regular and online retailers. “Queork,” a shop that sells all sorts of cork, has several fashionable options.  Queork has stores located in New Orleans, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Florida.  There, their gorgeous cork designs are sold all around the country, importing the material from Portugal. The store sells everything from wallets, bags, and sunglasses, to even phone cases and jewelry. Their trendy shoes especially stand out; they have a variety of different sneaker styles, including fashionable flip flops and exciting scandals. They even have their own line of pet leashes and bowls made of cork!

Many famous and popular designers also have cork products in their fashion line.  Some examples include Stuart Weitzman’s wedge sandals, Kate Spade New York’s designer flats and bangles, and a J. Crew clutch.  It isn’t hard to find cork!

All in all, cork is an up-and-coming fascinating product used more commonly in today’s styles.  It is very original, and has nice properties and textures to it.

“Cork is what keeps the drinks fresh and same with my clothes,” said freshman Olivia Kerrane.  

Cork is both an interesting and beautiful material to incorporate into your routine fashion accessories.