Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Becky Han, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Schreiber Times,

To be honest, I’ve been putting off writing this because every time I would start, I just couldn’t bring myself to continue. Continuing meant to leave this final goodbye, and leaving a final goodbye entails admitting that it’s really over.

I have spent the most amazing year working alongside such a dedicated and talented staff, and I am so grateful for all the memories we made together in the pub room. Through all the days and nights editing articles, finalizing pages, and meeting what sometimes may have seemed like endless deadlines, we grew into the eager team players and experienced editors we are today. To be involved in the school paper is truly a gift, and I am so lucky to have been a part of this journey for the past four years.

First, Ms. Zarkh and Ms. Cotter, an infinite amount of “thank you’s” wouldn’t be enough to express our gratitude for both of your wisdom and amazing supervision over this past year. Newspaper both as a club and a publication wouldn’t be what it stands as today without the exceptional guidance of our advisors.

To Managing and Creative Director: You were always here to make sure that bednight ran smoothly, whether it was by being eager to help sections figure out layout and printing issues or by ensuring that centerfold aesthetics were on par. Thank you both for being such enthusiastic and supportive co-investigators and, of course, for putting on Bob Ross’ painting tutorials as BGM on bednight.

To Copy: Producing quality newspapers each issue wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you two coming into work week every day. You are an incredibly talented pair of editors, and I’m beyond excited to see what both of you are up to next year!

To News: You are a brilliant team of editors who did an amazing job informing the Schreiber community of the latest school and Port-related news. Despite having to do five pages every issue, you always stayed on task and maintained a strong, bright presence in the pub room.

To Opinions: You never steered away from tackling controversial issues and avidly covered topics that the student body had every right to be familiar with. The section really saw genuine growth over this past year.

To Features: As our only all-senior section, you really did a fantastic job keeping every article both interesting and quirky. You were never afraid to do something new, and the (almost passed) effort to publish a memes version of astrology signs attests to this.

To A&E: You are a dynamic group of editors who made sure to stay updated on the latest news in entertainment, and this very much reflected in the refreshing articles that were published each issue!

To Sports: You were continually one of the first sections to leave bednight, and that’s a feat to be proud of! With newer approaches to articles, you helped strengthen the legacy of the section well.

To Graphics: Your covers and graphics never failed to impress, and all of them served incredibly vital roles in making the newspaper both exciting and relatable.

To Photo: You are such an organized, responsible group of editors, and there was never an issue as the the photos you took were consistently captivating and of the highest quality.

To Web: Thank you for your commitment to maintaining the website and ensuring that each issue is up and ready to be read as soon as possible; you truly revamped the online version of the paper for the better.

To Staff Assistants: You serve an important role in newspaper club, and will all definitely grow into accomplished and experienced editors.

Lastly, to the incoming staff: You are all extremely capable and motivated students, and I am therefore very confident that the newspaper will grow into an even more powerful and admirable publication next year. Always remember to never be afraid to delve into the unknown because you never know what you’ll uncover.

It has truly been the greatest honor being your Editor-in-Chief, and I wish you all the best of luck!


With love,