Students should use the Commons during off periods

As students walk into the library during an off-period, they are often met with a packed room. Students are then
forced to leave the library due to limited seating. The second option for many would be the Social Studies Lab,
however the space is often times filled to the maximum, as it is much smaller of a space. This issue has left many
Schreiber students with no quiet place to go do their work. While the cafeteria is massive, it is often loud and
distractive, creating an environment that is impossible to be productive in. The most viable option for creating more
study space: open the Student Commons all day.
The Student Commons, for many, represents another place that could be an option to do productive work in.
However, it is only open from period 3 to the end of period 4.2. Unlike the cafeteria, it tends to be quieter and less
crowded. Opening it for the entirety of the day could give students another viable option when they are looking for
a quiet place to do their work. There is no understandable reason why the Commons should not always be open.
It is not overly large in size, and only one lunch aid is required to be on duty during the three lunch periods.
There are too many instances of students being forced to sit in the noisy cafeteria to do work, or having no place to
go at all. If the Commons were to be opened for the entirety of the day, students would be given a choice other
than the library to be productive in, and an alternative option if the library was filled, as it often is.
The other alternative for creating more student study space would be to expand the size of the library. The
issue with this plan would be an extremely expensive project, that would cost too much money for its overall
importance. Thus, the most logical plan for creating more student study space would be to have the Commons
opened all day. The benefits are clear, and it would serve as a way for students to always have a place to go
study. In school, students should never be forced to not study because of a limit in space. It is crucial to the school
environment to make sure that any student who desires to study during school hours will always have a place to go,
and should never have to worry about being squeezed out of the library again.