British Artist Rex Orange County Releases New Album, Pony

Jae Longaro, Contributing Writer

On Oct. 25, 2019, alternative artist Alexander O’Conner, better known as stage name Rex
Orange County, released his newest album. Pony is his third album, following Apricot Princess in 2017
and bcos u will never b free in 2016.
O’Conner was born May 4th, 1988 in Grayshott, Hampshire, England. Growing up, O’Conner
listened to Queen, ABBA, Green Day, Weezer, and Stevie Wonder, which have all impacted his music
today. Throughout his childhood, he learned drums, self-taught himself the piano, and picked up the
guitar. At 16, he went to the BRIT school, starting as a drummer, exposing him to the new modern-day
music of that time.
“It’s so crazy to listen to Rex Orange County and think of all of the artists he pulled inspiration
from. You can really hear it through his songs,” said sophomore Dominick Shelton.
Rex Orange County released his first album, bcos u will never b free, on SoundCloud. English
record producer Two Inch Punch took interest in O’Conner immediately, and provided him with a
management team. Two Inch Punch has written and produced records with many famous artists, such
as Sam Smith and Ty Dolla $ign.
O’Conner’s album also got the attention of Tyler, the Creator, who flew him out to Los Angeles to
work on his album, Flower Boy.
In 2017, he released his second album Apricot Princess, named after the nickname he calls his
girlfriend Thea. The album consists of his talks about love and happiness alongside sorrow and

“The album has such cutesy songs like Apricot Princess but also has such ‘the-more-you-listen-
the-sadder-it-sounds’ like Untitled and Never Enough,” said sophomore Sadie Mandel.

In between the release of Apricot Princess and Pony, Rex Orange County released several
singles such as Loving is Easy, a cover of You’ve Got a Friend in Me with Randy Newman in May 2018,
and New House in February 2018. Leading up to Pony, O’Conner teased the album by releasing the
songs 10/10 Sept. 12, Pluto Projector Oct.17, and Face to Face Oct. 25.
Pony’s release was huge to fans as it was the first album Rex Orange County released in two
years. Ratings for Pony have mostly been four stars, scattered with some threes from other reviewers.
While writing the album, O’Conner admits that he was going through a hard time and struggling
with his mental health. Now that the album is released, O’Conner says that a lot of his anxiety has been
released and he feels less depressed. While he still strives to be happier, he says that having the songs
and album done relieves a lot of stress.
“I was very happy when Rex Orange County released Pony,” said sophomore Isabelle Kitay. “I’ve
been a fan of him since his second album, Apricot Princess, and I am looking forward to listening to all of his new songs,” she said.