Halloween contest showcases various students’ costumes

Schreiber embraces Halloween festivities generating enthusiasm

Emily Benson-Tyler, Staff Writer

Many Schreiber students were happy with The Student Council’s execution of this year’s
Halloween festivities, especially the annual Halloween costume contest.
Leading up to Halloween, the lobby was decorated with lots of Halloween decorations which
evoked a spooky tone to set the mood for the holiday.
This particular Halloween, the various activities offered were regarded as some of the best
Schreiber’s ever seen, despite the gloomy weather throughout the day.
“I think this year has brought the most participation of any costume contests we’ve had in the last
four years. It is so nice to have so many people show up in costumes on such a gross, rainy day,” said
Mrs. Lauren Foster-Holzer, Student Council director and coordinator.
The participation and spirit from the entire school was a pleasant surprise, especially from the
freshmen, this being their first Halloween at Schreiber.
“I loved all of the costumes everybody wore,” said freshman Ariel Im. “The costumes were much
more unique and interesting than I had expected when coming into Schreiber. It was nice to see how
many people dressed up and got into the Halloween festivities.”
Large groups of people could be seen waiting to have their picture taken in the lobby to be
entered into the contest. Though there was no official prize, people were as spirited as ever to display
their costume to fellow classmates and teachers.
On Halloween, students who dressed up were able to sign up at the tables in the lobby to be
entered into the category they wished to compete in. They then posed for a photo for voting purposes on
the Schreiber High School website.
The Student Council worked very hard to make the day run smoothly and successfully while
displaying the enjoyable feelings associated with this holiday.
“I’m so glad that after all of the coordination and effort Student Council put towards this event that
the day was such a success,” said sophomore Isabelle Kitay.
When picture taking during the lunch periods was complete, voting was opened through Google
forms on the Schreiber website.
The contest results were announced last period the next day over the loudspeakers during the
morning announcements. In addition, the results were posted on the Schreiber Spirit Instagram account.
Students from all grades dressed up and participated in this contest and were eager to show off
their costumes. As for the junior girls, they continued the Schreiber tradition of all wearing the same
costume, this year being the Minions from the Despicable Me movies.
“It was a lot of fun participating in the costume contest! My partner and I spent a month working
on our costumes for best duo. It was so rewarding that so many people got to look at and vote on our
costumes,” said sophomore Jae Longaro.
Jae and her friend Lucy Barr dressed up as Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents and

designed their costumes from scratch.
The categories were consistent with previous years and included the scariest, most original,
funniest, best duo, best group, and best teacher costumes.
This year’s funniest costume went to the carwash blowup guys, the most original costume went to
Costco workers, the best duo went to Dwight and Angela from The Office, the best group costume to the
Queen and her guards, and the best teacher costumes went to Mario and Luigi.
The best group costume, the Queen and her guards, included five fully dressed royal guards and
the Queen herself. However, other notable group costumes included wizards, Five Guys employees,
princesses, aliens, Toy Story aliens, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.
As for the group dressed up as Costco workers, the eight girls wore Costco name tags, hats, and
hairnets, and walked around carrying samples of candy.
This year’s costume contest was definitely a success thanks to the Student Council and everyone
who participated in it. Many are excited to see what’s in store for next year.