Season 3 of Netflix Show Atypical is anything but typical

Ellie Ross, Contributing Writer

The Netflix original series, Atypical, has finally returned with its third season. Season
three leaves viewers on the edges of their seats as it is filled with surprising twists. The show
revolves around a teenager, Sam, and his “atypical” family. Although Sam is on the autism
spectrum, this does not stop him from living a normal life as a teenager.
“I love that the show tackles issues that typically have stigmas surrounding them, such as
mental health. It is important that these topics are exposed to a younger generation in a way
that is relatable and humorous at the same time,” said junior Yazmeen Deyhimi.
While 18 year old Sam sometimes feels alone in the world, Sam finds comfort and
support from his younger sister, Casey, his parents, and his friends. In season one, viewers
watched as Sam took his therapist’s advice to try to find a girlfriend, and his mother worried
about her son seeking independence. In season two, Sam stepped out of his comfort zone and
entered into a relationship with his classmate, Paige.
Season two of Atypical ended with a cliffhanger about Casey’s love life. In season
three, she falls for her former nemesis turned best friend, Izzie, even though she has a
boyfriend, Evan. Season three addresses the complications surrounding Casey’s various
relationships. Casey confronts her secret, while at the same time she encourages her brother
to open up and face the world as well.
“It’s difficult to watch Casey struggle while living through the realization that she is
attracted to girls although she has a boyfriend,” said freshman Marley Cooper.
The cast of Atypical contains many up and coming actors. Keir Gilchrist stars as Sam
Gardner. Sam is the protagonist in the series and a fan favorite. Casey Gardner, Sam’s
devoted sister and rising high school track star, is played by Brigette Lundy-Paine. Elsa
Gardner, Sam and Casey’s mom, is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Doug Gardner, their
father, is played by Michael Rapaport. Additionally, in season three, Sara Gilbert joins the cast
playing the role of Professor Judd, Sam’s college professor who is difficult, but definitely
capable of compassion.
“The show has an interesting and fascinating plot. I especially love the characters,” said
freshman Geordan Sparber.
Season three highlights Sam’s struggles adjusting to life as a freshman in college and
dealing with his with his relationships. Now that he is at Denton University, Sam must find a
way to prioritize the important individuals in his life. From making new friends, managing his

schedule, and navigating his personal relationships, Sam’s life becomes quite complicated in
season three. He must adapt to the changes that come with growing up and navigating this
new phase of life.