Band, orchestra, and chorus excite others through their music

Peter Dimopolous, Staff Writer

‘Tis the holiday season, and folks all around Port Washington are preparing in every
way they know how. The windows are garlanded, the trees decorated, and the students
anxious, checking down every day until their break starts.
Of course, Schreiber would be remiss to skip out on “the most wonderful time of the
year,” and the school has winter decorations plastered here and there, as well as Schreiber
Theater Company’s performance of Jean Shepherd’s classic, “A Christmas Story”, to kick off the
season. However, the winter celebration does not end there. The annual celebration of the
Schreiber students’ musical talents is almost upon us: the Winter Concert.
The Schreiber Winter Concert is an annual event wherein Schreiber’s musical classes
come together for two nights only and celebrate their musical ability. The first performance is on
Dec. 18. It will contain the combined performances of the ninth grade band, the ninth grade
chorus, the ninth grade orchestra, the multi-grade string orchestra, and the symphonic band,
playing a selection of music classic and new, famous and niche.
“I think the winter concert is going to be exciting, everyone in the band, orchestra, and
chorus has worked really hard, the jazz band is also playing at this concert for the first time, it’s
going to be fun,” said senior Julia Brickell.
The second performance, on Dec. 19, will have a similar range of music, instead
performed by Schreiber’s jazz band, mixed choir, wind ensemble, and symphony orchestra. At
the end of both nights, the students will all come together for a rendition of Beethoven’s most
legendary piece, “Ode to Joy.”
All of the music sections will participate in this last piece. Even the alumni in attendance
are welcome to join in, as “Ode to Joy” is performed every year.
“I’m very excited for this year’s winter concert, mainly because my older sister is coming
home from college and joining the band to play “Ode to Joy”, which has been a tradition since
my freshman year,” said senior Jaime Levin.
Of course, everything that comes before and after the performances is equally
important as the big nights themselves. In terms of before, so much preparation goes into every
show, even beyond the music. For example, the lighting needs to accommodate every
performer and allow the audience to discern every student, while also maintaining a dimmer
The sound mixing needs to allow every instrument to be heard together, through a mix of
the students putting their all into the volume and the adjusting of passive surrounding
microphones. The students have been putting a massive amount into the performance as well.
“We rehearse from the beginning of the year,” said junior chorus student, Mirianthi
Indeed, practice and effort has been going into this event since September, all for the
sake of two magical nights. And after the event, things do not stop.
For those of the Schreiber student body who do not attend the event, the chorus is going
to be singing classic Christmas tunes in the lobby the day before winter break. From all sides,
these three days are sure to bring goodness, light, and catchy melodies.
“I love to see the pride and satisfaction on the musicians faces after they put forth the best efforts,” said the symphonic band teacher Mr. Prindle.