Disney+ adds Disney television into the streaming network world

Abbie Garfin, Staff Writer

Disney Plus is the newest hit television website streaming network for our generation. They
accumulated over ten million subscriptions in their first day. Disney Plus is filled with episodes of Disney
shows that no longer air on Disney channel. It is flooded with movies and shows such as, Snow White,
The Parent Trap, and High School Musical, Good Luck Charlie and Hannah Montana. It’s a great
streaming service to watch shows on during this upcoming winter break if you are looking to get
While some people might think it is a waste to spend seven dollars on Disney Plus, true Disney
lovers will pay the price.
“Disney Plus is well worth the price. They have almost every Disney movie that exists,” said junior
Emma Klein.
Another advantage of this service is how easily accessible it is. It is available on almost every
device, including cell phones, computers, and televisions. If you download the app on a phone, you can
download episodes of shows or movies so you can watch them without WiFi.
Disney Plus brings back memories from being a kid, which makes many people even more
excited to watch. Nothing is better than watching a show that you used to love in elementary school.
“It’s really enjoyable to rewatch the shows I used to. I can now understand the jokes that I never
picked up on as a kid,” said junior Emily Sandman.
Disney Plus certainly has many competitors, and to eliminate this competition they have
decided to end their partnership with Netflix. Beginning in 2020, Netflix viewers will no longer be able to
binge watch any Disney shows, in the hopes of getting more subscribers to move to Disney Plus. While
this streaming network is more centered towards the younger generation, Disney is working to resurface
old 70’s movies to draw the older generation towards this network as well.
One of the most popular shows on Disney Plus is Boy Meets World. This is a television series
from the 1990’s. A spinoff has recently been created on Disney called Girl Meets World. Both of these
shows have gained popularity for Disney and address issues that many teens can relate to.
Many people’s favorite addition to Disney Plus is Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana was the
highest-rated show of Disney channel history. If you haven’t watched it yet, Disney Plus gives you the
perfect opportunity to binge watch every episode over the long winter break.
“Hannah Montana has always been my favorite Disney channel show and I can’t wait to watch it
on Disney Plus. This show was the foundation of my childhood,” said junior Sari Hartstein.
One of the newest, biggest hits on Disney Plus is The Mandalorian. This is the first ever live
action Star Wars series. The Mandalorian helps Star Wars lovers feel more engaged and involved in the
series. The real actors make the whole series feel more realistic and exciting. Baby Yoda, introduced in
this show, has recently flooded social media, drawing a big crowd towards Disney Plus.
“I’ve never been a fan of Star Wars, but after hearing so much about Baby Yoda, I had to watch
The Mandalorian. It is definitely worth the hype,” said junior Avery Silfin.
Another big hit for Disney Plus is the large collection of Marvel movies that it possesses. Disney
Plus is looking to reach out to all different types of people who like different genres of movies and
television. This network has almost every Marvel movie you could think of, from Captain America, to
Avengers, to Captain Marvel, to Guardians of the Galaxy.
Disney Plus is a great gift to ask for this holiday season. It has all the best movies and shows
you could think of. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an experience like this.