Local art auction raises money from community members


Jack Lawrence

Local artists display their artwork at the Art Auction in Port Washington.

Markus Joks, Contributing Writer

The Art from the Heart Foundation recently came to Port Washington. They donated
over 200 pieces of artwork for auction, to the Art Guild Revitalization Fund, so seniors with
financial challenges can attend college with scholarships.
They sold pieces of art from 200 artists, at Elderfields Preserve on Dec. 7, from 7 to 10
p.m. The artwork was sold on the day of the auction with prices starting at $100 and the
remaining artwork can be sold until Jan. 5.
“I expected that the auction and fundraiser event would make $2,500 altogether, meaning
only 25 out of the 200 artworks would be sold. This was possible, but a scholarship is from
$5,000 to $10,000 meaning that 50 art pieces would need to be sold,” said freshman Jason
In addition to solely the buying and selling of artwork, the auction included raffle tickets
for gift cards and snacks from Frankie’s Pizza, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, and other
restaurants. Raffle tickets were sold for Bistro Etc ($100), Ginos ($20), The Wild Goose ($50),
and Harbor Deli ($25).
“In order for the fundraiser to be effective, half of the items had to be sold. This would
make $10,000 from the paintings alone and therefore be such a success to the students needy
for scholarships,” said senior Davina Bonilla.
The auction displayed numerous stunning pieces of art, mostly about nature. Some of
the depictions within nature included animals, such as pigs, tigers, flowers, and different kinds of
fruits. The art at the auction included paintings, oil pastel works, and photographs.
“Modern art with a white background and several different colored squares was the most
profitable for the auction,” said freshman Chris Palermo.
This solidifies that nowadays the art preference has shifted from representational art to
modern abstract art including squares and rectangles.
Art From The Heart’s Foundation’s event affected Port Washington as well. According to
their website, Art from the Heart Foundation donates two scholarships per month, so it is likely
that only scholarships will be given to Schreiber students.
This organization’s efforts promote opportunities that help talented students who need