Small business events in town inform Port Washington citizens

Susana Keiserman, Contributing Writer

Business is the most popular college major in the United States with 26 percent of
students studying it. This demonstrates the obvious interest that young people have in the
world of business. However, it is not always easy for high school students, who may not have
the option to take a class about it, to pursue their interest in business.
On Nov. 14, at the Port Washington Public Library, co-owner of Greenport Harbor
Brewery and founder of “The Go lab” hosted a seminar on how to connect with customers
successfully and how to own and manage a business for any interested students in Port
“I think this is a cool opportunity for kids to hear from someone who actually has
experience in the field,” says freshman Sharmishtha Talukdar.
Schreiber does offer about ten classes in business/law to 10-12 graders, but this event
gave an opportunity for students to learn from someone who, with her husband, John Liegy, and
co owner, Rich Vandenburg, has built an extremely successful brewing company selling
nationwide over the span of just ten years.
She also prides herself on founding her company The Go Lab brand which seeks to “find
the divine intersection between a company’s inherent strengths, its competitors’ weaknesses,
and consumer motivations.”
“I think it would be interesting to hear from someone who was a part of starting two
companies from the ground up and was very successful in both” said sophomore Terry Mcginty.
Mrs. Liegey talked about one of her companies which is all about customer relations.
This was great for students who may know the basics on how to start a business, gain
investors, and manage money, but who are not sure how to deal with and connect with
customers. After all, a company is nothing without its loyal customers.
“I think it is cool that she would tell everyone what interacting with the public is really like
because none of the textbooks in school can really say what it feels like to deal with consumers
and cater to their needs,” said freshman Tarah Parmar.
Continuing with Mrs. Liegey’s trend, on Nov. 30, many small businesses in Port
Washington will participate in Small Business Saturday. The event on Main Street will be
comprised of a Santa for little kids, free snacks, carolers and great deals at stores around main
street. In 2015, nearly 70 of Port Washington’s businesses participated. The event is all about
giving back to their customers and celebrating the start of the winter holidays with them.
“That definitely sounds like fun and I think it is really nice that the participating businesses
are doing something for their customers and offering good deals, especially at the beginning of
the winter holidays when everyone needs to shop for gifts,” said sophomore Gabby Zahner.
Port Washington has many closed shops on Main Street and several small businesses
that close every year, but events like these give those stores an opportunity to show residents of
Port how much they care.