Editorial: Should Schreiber create a gender neutral locker room in the gym?

More and more, Schreiber has shown its inclusivity. This has been demonstrated by the addition of a gender neutral bathroom on the main floor; there are also clubs, such as the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) which helps to make the school a safe place for all genders and people of all sexual orientations. However, this raises another question: should there be a gender-neutral locker room in the gym?

Allowing students to enter a locker room where they feel safe and comfortable is a priority for the school district. However, there are some risks. A gender-neutral bathroom is one thing, but adding an all-inclusive locker room is a completely different discussion. Many people have a problem with this because of the intimacy of a locker room being a place where students change clothes and use the bathroom. Allowing boys and girls to change in the same locker room has been denied since the beginning of Schreiber High School and is clearly shown by the divide between the boys and girls locker rooms.

The fact that the boys locker room is on one side of the gym and the girls on the other side is no coincidence. In addition, showing acceptance and equality in the addition of this room comes with risks. ere could be harassment between genders, uncomfortable feelings between the students, and inappropriate conduct.

Alongside the risks comes the upside. The gender-neutral locker room would not be forced upon anyone to use, and it would be the choice of the student whether or not to use the locker room for their needs. It would create a new progressive image of Schreiber.

There are many things to take into account, such as the potential complications and the overall cost of building this extra room. However, the ultimate goal, of making Schreiber safe for every single student, would be attainable with this addition. As the country becomes increasingly more progressive, the school must decide whether or not to follow suit and answer the calls to accept change. Discussing the possibility of a gender-neutral locker room would follow these trends, but it is important to consider the situation as a whole.

Overall, The Schreiber Times believes that there ought to be a dialogue between students and administrators about how to make LGBTQ+ students as comfortable as possible in Schreiber, and gender-neutral locker rooms are a great way to start.