18-year-old Billie Eilish sweeps 2020 Grammys

Ilana Diamond, Contributing Writer

Billie Eilish and her older brother Finneas recently had great success at the 2020 Grammy
awards on Jan. 26. This was the first time that either of them were nominated for an award.
Last year, the two collaborated on Billie’s newest album, When we all fall asleep, where do we
go? Her single, “Bad Guy” broke Lil Nas X’s 19 week number one streak on the Billboard Hot 100 list
and went on to hold the place for many weeks to follow. “Bad Guy” attracts many different types of
listeners and was streamed more than 15 million times around the world.
“I really like to listen to “Bad Guy” when I am driving with my friends and feel like jamming out.
My mom always asks me to play it,” said senior Sylvia Ades.
Although she is creatively talented, Eilish owes much of her success to her brother and producer.
Finneas, who also sings and released an album of his own, is the other half of their musical duo.
Together, they made the award winning album in Finneas’s bedroom over the course of the year.
“I think that it is really cool how Billie and Finneas are siblings and work together on their
individual music. It is also interesting to think about how they made that album in a bedroom,” said
sophomore Anabelle Caslow.
The two of them used a variety of different artists, genres, and even the theme song from
Wizards of Waverly Place as inspiration. In an interview with James Corden, Finneas showed how he
and Billie repeatedly combined multiple sounds and took hundreds of recordings until they found the
perfect clip.
In this year’s Grammy Awards, Billie was nominated for “Album of the Year,” “Best Song,” “Best
New Artist,” “Best Record,” “Best Pop Vocal Album,” and “Best Pop Solo Performance.” Out of these
seven nominations, she won all except pop solo performance. This made her the youngest person to
ever win a Grammy, the youngest artist to win Album of the Year, and the youngest person to win the
four biggest awards in one night.
With all of her nominees, Finneas was not far behind. He was nominated for “Best Song,” “Best
Record,” “Best Non-Classical Producer,” and “Best Non-Classical Engineered Album.” He won all four
of these awards.
“We didn’t write a speech for this because we didn’t make this album to win a Grammy. We didn’t
think it would win anything ever. We wrote an album about depression and suicidal thoughts and climate
change and being the bad guy — whatever that means — and we stand up here confused and grateful,”
said Finneas onstage.
This highlights the purity and hard work that went into making this album. Although these were
the first Grammys that either of them have ever won, their unique style and popularity will surely bring
them success in the future.