Bowling creates momentum for next season

Samantha Radinsky, Staff Writer

The boys and girls bowling teams are both wrapping up incredible seasons.  Both teams had winning records, and the girls team was undefeated.  A great deal of hard work led to this success.  Practicing every day, knocking down pin after pin, the efforts of both Varsity and JV bowlers have reached new heights.  For both the girls and boys teams, the recipe for success this year was a combination of hard work, talent, and team bonding.  Overall, both the boys and girls teams had incredible seasons and are excited to perform even better next year.  

The girls team was out to impress this year, with both the JV and Varsity teams going undefeated in the regular season, winning their respective conferences.  Even more impressive, the team has been undefeated for four years now, and hopes to keep the streak alive in the future. 

The girls team relies upon team bonding for success.  Despite a loss of seniors last year and a new influx of new bowlers this year, the team has remained close. 

“All the girls on the team are supportive and always willing to help each other improve. The team grew closer this year which increased group spirit,” said junior Samantha Fried.

 With a team atmosphere conducive to focus and support, the team continued its undefeated streak and moved on to counties. 

Bowler Christine Worms is a key player, with consistent, incredible scores throughout the season.  With key bowlers like Worms and depth throughout the team, the girls were able to remain a dominant force in the conference. 

Despite this dominance, not every game was a clear-cut victory.  The team members explain that their most important games were against Great Neck South.  Close games and increased focus while playing Great Neck South has turned the two teams into rivals. 

Individually, Port had the second, third, and fourth best bowlers in the county, although Great Neck South had the best bowler in the conference.  Both individually and as a team, the girls bowling team has performed incredibly and has a history of winning over the past few years. The team is certainly building a legacy in Schreiber history. 

The girls team participated in counties, where they came in fifth, on Saturday, Feb. 1, concluding their season. 

“I am really proud of how far our team has come this season.  We lost a lot of good bowlers last year and had a lot to teach our newcomers at the beginning of the season.  I wasn’t positive we would be able to keep our four year undefeated streak, but with a lot of hard work and strategizing, we’re ready to do well at counties,” said junior Caroline Williams before counties.
The team certainly did do well at counties, placing fifth in the entire county. Although the team got off to a rocky start in the morning, they were able to pick up speed and end in fifth, which was not easy considering the slow start.    

“We all put in a lot of hard work and commitment into this year which led us to counties,” said junior Samantha Fried.

The boys team finished their season with a winning record of 6-3, falling just short of winning the conference and making counties.  The core varsity team, consisting of Trevor Capps, Jacob Schupak, Justin Tui, and David Weiner, were able to place third in the conference this year. Unfortunately, the team missed out on having core player Chris Shroyer compete due to illness, but they are looking forward to having him back on the team next year. 

These five players have been together since freshman year, relying on their close team comradery for success.  The varsity team performed great this year, and with everyone healthy, they look forward to performing even better next year. 

“We wish we could’ve won the conference and made counties, but it was still a great season, and I can’t wait for everyone to come back next year,” said junior Trevor Capps. 

With hopefully a full, healthy team of seniors, the boys have the potential to be even more successful than they were this year.
“Throughout our hard work and practice the past three years I truly believe we can reach our full potential and not only win the conference, but possibly make counties,” said junior David Weiner,

Overall, both the boys and girls bowling teams have a history of success, which was continued this year.  Both teams hope to extend this trend into the future and make Port Bowling the best that it can be.