Editorial: Gym-makeups are an unecessary hinderance that students simply don’t need

Making up physical education classes at Schreiber can be extremely irritating, especially when it is for a field trip, assembly, or any other school sanctioned event. Many students have limited off periods to begin with, so attending extra physical education classes can be tough to squeeze in. Physical education classes should not have to be made up if they are missed for mandatory school events.

Students have no control over whether or not they have an assembly or a field trip. When physical education is missed, Schreiber students are forced to make up a whole sixty-minute period class. When a class like social studies or math is missed, you are not forced to go to an extra class, so why should physical education be any different?

It is understandable that a student has to make up a missed class for non-school related issues such as being sick or attending a family function, but if a student is forced to attend an assembly or a long field trip, the absence should be excused and not have to be made up. Field trip absences can be especially annoying for students because they have to use up an off period that they could be using to make up classwork to attend an extra gym class.

Instead of making up the gym class,  when a student misses it for a school-related reason or event, they should be exempt from making up a class. When students go on field trips, they should have the teacher for that respective subject write a note to the physical education teacher to ensure that they know they are attending a school-sanctioned event and not just cutting class.

Because assemblies are announced over the loudspeaker, physical educations teachers know where they are going, so they should not have to make those up as well.

As we evolve as a school, so should our policies. The policy of making up a gym class when it is missed for a school-related event should be abolished. This change is necessary to alleviate additional stress on students.