Editorial: Hiring permanent substitutes is unproductive and takes away students’ free time

Recently, a new addition has been made to the Schreiber staff. The introduction of a permanent substitute teacher is a new concept for our high school and has grabbed the curiosity of many students recently notified of the change.

Since this idea is so new for Schreiber, many students don’t know what this change means. Currently, the school has hired one permanent substitute and there is a potential for a second one to be employed. This educator’s position in the school is to cover a specific teacher’s scheduled program. The sub would deliver the lesson that the teacher left in their absence. As for which teachers to cover, Class of 2021 Assistant Principal Mr. Weiss stated that this decision is one that will be made on a day-to-day basis. There is no real way to tell whether this substitute will be covering your teacher, but it is up to Schreiber’s principal and assistant principals to decide where he is needed and which classes would benefit most from having him present.

Many Schreiber students have been upset with the recent addition of what they consider “glorified babysitters.” In the past when teachers were absent, students were granted an off period and could use this time to eat lunch, meet with teachers, make up physical education classes, or study. As more and more students learn to take advantage of Schreiber’s vast options when it comes to classes, they have less time in the schedule to do these necessary things.

If a student has only one off period in their schedule, they may go a whole week without being able to visit a teacher to make up a test or get help on a topic. Additionally, if one of these students was absent during a day they had physical education, they are forced to use their one off period making up that physical education class, and will have little to no time to get necessary help from their core teachers. Students are even more upset that they aren’t even learning new material with the substitute teachers. Recently, substitutes have put on movies for the students to watch which takes away critical time which could be used to get ahead in other classes.

Although the decision of adding permanent substitute teachers was made with the students in mind, it has overlooked the way in which Schreiber students remain productive and has taken away a small liberty students enjoy and thrive off of.