The Beliebers can’t believe that Justin has returned

Avery Silfin, Staff Writer

For five years Justin Bieber fans– or Beliebers– have been waiting for new music, and on Feb.
14, their wish will finally be granted. Changes is Bieber’s first project since Purpose which came out in
2015, and his first solo record in a long time. Fans are waiting to see what Bieber has come up with this
Around New Year’s Eve, Bieber announced his newest projects, saying that he will have a single
and an album coming out shortly. So far, he has not disappointed, with his song “Yummy” that was
released on Jan. 3rd of this year. Although everyone was excited for a new song from Bieber, many fans
were disappointed by the song’s repetitiveness, stating that it was boring and underwhelming.
“I was so excited for ‘Yummy,’ but it was not as good as Justin’s songs usually are,” said junior
Emma Klein.
Fans are hoping that the other songs on Changes will be better. Beiber also released his song “Get
Me” featuring Kehlani, which many fans agree is much better than “Yummy.”
Rumors have been going around that Changes will be an extremely star-studded album. Post
Malone and Travis Scott have already been predicted to play a big part in the album. , “I don’t know how
much I can talk about it, but we did something…” said Post Malone in an interview with Billboard.
Bieber has also hinted about some of the other songs, including one that he said was his favorite,
titled “Habitual.” Bieber’s docu-series, Seasons, also gives hints of a latin-influenced song, which could
mean more features from other artists.
“I love when Justin collaborates with other artists, and I am so excited to see who he chooses for
this album,” said junior Abbie Garfin.
In the past few years, Justin has been collaborating on many projects, such as “10,000 Hours” with
Dan + Shay, so fans are excited to see what he is able to do since he is in full creative control.
Justin has explained many times that his main muse for this project has been his wife, Hailey
Bieber. Producers and those closest to him have stated that the primary theme of the music in Changes is
love and marriage, which shows just how happy Bieber is in his relationship. Justin and Hailey have been
married since 2018, and it is clear from simply looking at their Instagram posts that they are extremely
Thus, when writing this album, Bieber had only Hailey in mind, and fans are sure that the majority
of the album will be a love letter to his wife.
Aside from the album coming out, Bieber has also released information about his upcoming tour
this year. The Changes Tour is set to begin in May, and feature Kehlani and Jaden Smith. Unfortunately,
there are no stops in New York City, but fans can see Bieber on Sept. 26 at Metlife Stadium in New
“Changes features the music that I’ve loved most out of anything I’ve done,” said Bieber.
You can stream Changes on Apple Music and Spotify starting Feb. 14. Fans are certainly hoping that it
lives up to expectations.