Mask Accessories are Allowing People to Stay Safe, Stylish, and Comfortable


Rebecca Solomon, Staff Writer

With the need for masks skyrocketing, new mask trends have hit the market. Consumers can now invest in reusable masks or disposables,  taking into account which masks have the greatest breathability and what type of material best protects them from  COVID-19.  It can become rather difficult to find a mask that best satisfies all of these qualifications, and with masks being a necessity, it is important to answer these questions quickly.  Luckily, new accessories are being generated to put an end to these problems.

For people with ear sensitivities, wearing a mask for multiple hours a day can be almost intolerable.  Since some mask straps can weigh heavily on ears, new inventions of mask extenders and headbands that attach to masks are revolutionary.  These accessories function as pressure relievers which can be adjusted to perfectly suit the person wearing the mask.  This new, reusable, and affordable tool is the savior to the ears and the wallets of users worldwide.

“They’ve been working great,” said Dentist Dr. Saddia Patton of Downtown Dental when asked about whether the mask extenders were completing their goal of relieving pain.

“I use a mask extender because it makes wearing a mask more comfortable and it makes wearing a mask at school all day not as bad,” said sophomore Izzy Abramson.  

For busy or forgetful people, mask chains, necklaces, and lanyards are great solutions. With a mask necklace dangling from the neck or a lanyard being wrapped around the wrist, it’s rare to leave the house without it.  

“[Mask chains are] stylish, safe, and ingenious.  It’s a chain/necklace with your mask attached to it. So, when you’re in a situation where you need to take your mask off, it can conveniently hang around your neck,” said actress Octavia Spencer in an Instagram message.

Although these mask chains seem to be more popular among adults, they have also become trendy among children.  Other creations that kids are seeming to use more include new clips by the name of “mask-strap toggles” and “mask brackets.”  These creations were fabricated to provide a better fitting mask and keep the mask secure for the whole day.  Although both of these accessories do accomplish their job of keeping the mask secure, mask brackets create “gaps on the side that can allow germs to get to the nose and mouth and spread infection,” according to the infectious disease specialists at Hartford HealthCare, emphasizing how mask brackets are not the right option in comparison to mask toggles.

For those who wear glasses, the nose bridge accessories are effective. A nose clip can be weaved into a mask to serve as a makeshift nose bridge when glasses interfere with the masks’ nose bridge.

“It keeps your mask from sliding down your nose, which makes for a safer and more comfortable fit. It also blocks your breath from shooting up onto your glasses, thus, preventing fogging,” said nose clip creator and Etsy shop owner, Stephanie Van Sandt.

With the rating of her nose clip at four and a half stars, it is safe to say that this new accessory more than serves its purpose.

The wide range of new accessories being invented everyday help masks to be worn in a comfortable and fashionable way.  The benefits that are provided from these innovations certainly solve problems, but also maintain a fun, stylish look.  When keeping up with new trends and aesthetics, be sure to keep these accessories in mind.