Artists are using their platforms to raise awareness of social injustices

Ellie Ross, Staff Writer

Over the last few months, many people from around the country have participated in mass protests for equality. Some of these demonstrations have included marches, promotions, and songs. In order to support this movement, a number of music artists have been using their platforms to promote the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. Many artists have been addressing racism through their music for years; however, these recent events have provoked them to become an inspiration for change. 

“I think that it is great how celebrities are standing up for what they believe in, because it inspires their fans to have similar beliefs,” said freshman Hannah Ross. 

Many artists have brought it upon themselves to encourage the movement. Beyoncé, for example, released the song “Black Parade” on Juneteenth. The lyrics serve as a reminder to listen to the voices around you and support black-owned businesses. 

Some of the lyrics include, “Rubber bullets bouncin’ off me. Made a picket sign off your picket fence. Take it as a warning.” 

Beyonce is referring to the many black deaths that occurred as a result of police brutality, as well as the police’s response to these marches. It is clear that she is devoted to making a difference. 

“I love how Beyoncé is able to express her feelings towards equality in her music,” said sophomore Thea Rabman. 

Usher created a “Black Lives Matter” inspired piano ballad called, “I Cry.” In this song, he emphasized that it is acceptable for a man to cry and be emotional. Some inspirational lines that Usher includes are , “And I’ll fight, for the future we’re making, we can change if we face it.” Through these words, Usher is able to explain how by taking action, change can be made. Although this song was created to show his two sons that being sentimental is natural, Usher’s words have inspired so many others to make a difference. As a result, Usher’s song, “I Cry,” won a Grammy award as well. 

“His ability to persuade others to be themselves is incredible!” said sophomore Geordan Sparber. 

Another artist who shared his perspective on this subject was Lil Baby. He wrote and produced the hit song, “The Bigger Picture,” which discusses racism and brutality. Lil Baby’s song became the most popular protest song on the Internet because he created such a thought-provoking music video. 

“Every colored person ain’t dumb and all whites not racist,” is a line from his song that highlights his understanding of the situation. It is reassuring to the public to hear these words from an inspiring rapper and persuades others to speak their minds. 

Music has been such an important and influential platform to promote the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Although posters and social media also helps publicize the movement, many people agree that music makes the biggest difference. By listening to the lyrics, people are convinced to make a difference and speak their minds. Each and every one of these songs highlights the significance of change and how to make it happen. Music has definitely contributed furthering this campaign, as well as the artists involved in it.