The Canceled Port Events This Fall: What They Mean to Students


Emily Benson-Tyler, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected each of us in many different aspects of our daily lives.  For Port Washington residents, this means our community events.  Public safety restrictions have especially hurt Port’s beloved parades, races, festivals, and more.  For students, the coronavirus safety restrictions have forced the cancellation of some of the most beloved Schreiber events that are the highlight of the year for many students.  These cancellations began last spring, including the highly anticipated junior prom and the senior prom, Gambol.  

“It’s always so exciting to hear about the Gambol theme each year because it’s always so well done.  The cancellation was especially disappointing for the seniors last year, so I really hope that we’ll be able to have junior prom and the seniors can have theirs,” said Junior Leah Schachter.  

These cancellations come at the cost of all Schreiber students, regardless of grade.  Schoolwide traditions such as Pep Rally and Spirit Week allow everyone to participate.  However, a majority of students, though upset, are very understanding of the current situation, and keep collective safety at the forefront. 

“Although I am upset because I would like to have a normal and exciting high school experience filled with activities and fun times, I think it’s for the best, because it’s the safest option,” said freshman Cami Psaltos.  

Outside of Schreiber, Port’s running community has been greatly affected by coronavirus restrictions as well.  Many local races, including the upcoming annual Turkey Trot, are likely to be canceled if they have not already due to the large crowds.  Oliver Melara-Perez, who won his age division in the race last year, is disappointed that it may not happen. 

“I’ve been running the Turkey Trot ever since elementary school, and it gives me an opportunity to do something that I love with the whole town watching.  I hope it doesn’t get canceled because it is truly one of my favorite events of the year,” said senior Oliver Melara-Perez.

Both town and school leaders are improvising ways to alter traditions in a safer way so that they might be able to happen.  Despite all of the challenges facing the safety of our school, students, staff, and administration are working their hardest to ensure that we have both a safe and fun high school experience.  

“As extracurricular activities are now up and running, club advisors, students, and administrators are working really hard to come up with creative alternatives for some of the events that normally wouldn’t be possible during this time.   Our prime concern is student safety, but we also want for students to have an enjoyable experience while they are at school or working remotely from home.  We will use virtual platforms and social media to keep everyone connected.  We are currently in planning mode for Schreiber Spirit events, and are hoping to bring a festive vibe into the building this fall,” said Ms.  Anisis, Assistant Principal.

 Administrators have been doing a great job so far balancing the needs and expectations for safety, learning, and fun.  Schreiber students await the announcements on whether or not their beloved traditions will still be occurring this year, and we certainly hope they will be.