New iPhone 12 Shape Brings Us Back to the iPhone 5 Days


Tali Sanders & Jessie Feinstein, Contributing Writers

As you may know, the new series of iPhones was released on Oct. 13.  Is this exciting news?  Or just a way for Apple to make more money without much benefit to the consumer?  

“I think that many people will get this new iPhone for the cool shape and the different display and I think that it will become an exciting new trend,” said sophomore Layla Edelstein.

Many people may ask what the differences are.  The new sizes include a mini iPhone of 5.4 inches, which brings us back to years ago when our phones were small and easily fit into our pockets, while the regular size is 6.1 inches.  Recently, many consumers have been attracted to bigger phones, as writing is easier to read and pictures are easier to see.  At 6.7 inches, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest phone in Apple history. 

Another detail about the new phone is there are fewer colors to choose from.  In the past, there have been red, green, purple, gold, white, and black.  This time, there is only gold, black, white, green, and blue.

The big question is how the technology of the new iPhone has improved.  In the new iPhone, there is the addition of the 5G network, which is much faster than 4G LTE networks. 

“The new iPhone is a great investment and I want to get it because of the 5G that it will have.  There will be a better internet connection and a better refresh cycle,” said freshman Goldie Abrahams.

On the other hand, some people think there will not be much difference between the old and the new.

“I think my current phone has a fine internet connection and refreshes often enough,” said freshman Alexis Levine.

Another improvement is the camera.  In this model, there are four cameras.  As of now, the best camera is the iPhone 11 and it has three cameras that already have a great range of motion.  There are also many other upgraded details on this phone.  One of them is the square edge rather than the rounder edge.  This was made so the iPhone is able to sit in your palm comfortably without slipping out.  Another reason for the square edge is for drop protection, allowing more buoyancy and buffer for the phone if it falls to the ground.  The square shape also allows you to stand it up on flat surfaces like the floor and tables.

“I think that this model is going back in time because it is square and that is what it used to be.  I think that Apple is taking details from the older phones and bringing them back,” said freshman Ruby Ader. 

The consensus seems that some are very interested and excited about the new release and others seem to not be as interested in the new iPhone due to the lack of significant upgrades.