Ichiddo: The new Japanese ramen restaurant that will make you put down your Cup O’ Noodles!

Julia O'Sullivan, Contributing Writer

 If you are craving Asian food in Port Washington, there are a number of restaurants that serve it in the area.  About four weeks ago, Ichiddo, a new Japanese ramen restaurant opened its doors on Port Boulevard and people from all over Nassau County have been venturing here to try it.  The restaurant design is a pleasant and welcoming space for guests to come in and experience delicious Japanese food.

“The purpose of our restaurant is to serve the community and create a comfortable family eatery environment that is not too expensive,” says Mimi, the owner of Ichiddo.

Although new to the east coast, Ichiddo has a history of serving its authentic ramen all over, with locations from the midwest all the way to the coast.  The restaurant’s roots are in  Minnesota with a majority of their locations in or just outside of Minneapolis, but the chain is expanding and adding new areas. .

Ichiddo has various choices of seating that can accommodate anywhere from one person to larger groups of five or six.  In the front, there are tables for two or four, one side of the table with a chairs and booth combination.  If more seating is required, it’s easy for the tables to be portioned together to form a larger surface.  On the wall where the booth sits, a beautiful, large mural is painted.  In the back of the restaurant, there are tables for two and a kitchen bar, where people who wish to dine on their own can eat and watch what’s going on in the kitchen at the same time.

“The atmosphere of Ichiddo is great and reminds me of many restaurants I’ve been to,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Schwirzbin.

Opposed to other Japanese restaurants in Port, such as Aiko, Hana, and Aki, which are known to serve cold foods such as sushi, Ichiddo specializes in ramen and other warm Japanese cuisines that aren’t featured at other restaurants.

The menu is separated into six distinct sections: appetizers, ramen, donburi (rice bowls), stir fry ramen, beverages, and desserts.  Their most popular appetizers include Short Ribs fried Japanese style, deep-fried tofu, and steamed buns filled with either Char Siu pork, fried chicken, or tofu.

“When I went to Ichiddo, I loved the appetizer options and the amount of choice I had with the type of ramen I wanted,” said sophomore Melanie Brady.

When ordering a main dish, the only limit is your imagination, as Ichiddo serves their ramen with many different flavor options and over 15 other toppings to choose from.  On the menu, they offer specific bowls such as Char Siu Ramen and Teriyaki Ton Ramen, but it is possible to build your own.

Despite their mastery in ramen dishes, the restaurant’s donburi is also a favorite of many.  Donburi is a traditional Japanese dish with mixed meats and vegetables served over rice, and Ichiddo has many variations of it designed to accommodate different people’s specific tastes.  More popular dishes of this type are Beef Donburi and Char Siu Donburi.

Another specialty food of Ichiddo is its boba milk tea.  The flavor choices they offer are Classic, Matcha, Taro, Mango, and Peach.  The boba, or bubble tea, is a very popular order in any and all of the flavors, and some come to Icchido specifically for it.

“The wait was very short, the waiters were all friendly and accommodating, and I’m so excited they make bubble tea, so I don’t have to go to Great Neck to have it anymore!” said sophomore Alexandra Cascio.

With its unique atmosphere and culinary technique, Ichiddo is emerging as a popular restaurant and attracting more business into Port Washington.  An eatery featuring traditional Japanese style ramen and other authentic cuisine and beverages is exactly what was needed in town!