2020 People’s Choice Awards


Ellie Ross, Staff Assistant

The 2020 People’s Choice Awards will take place on Nov. 15 and be presented on “E!” live.  The awards will occur in Santa Monica, California, from the Barker Hangar at 8 p.m.  The People’s Choice Awards are unlike any other award show, including The Oscars and The Golden Globes.  Because the winners are determined by the American public, this award show is one of the most popular on television.  The host, presenters, and performers were announced on Sept. 4, which publicized the event.  

“I am so excited to watch the performances and am curious about who will be awarded,” said sophomore Thea Rabman.

     The People’s Choice Awards allow fans to nominate certain celebrities and programs for awards in various categories.  These categories include movies, movie stars, shows, TV stars, artists, albums, and more.  One of the nominees for the “Movie of 2020” is Hamilton.  Through the streaming service Disney Plus, the broadway show Hamilton was able to create a virtual connection with its audience.

“It seems to be making a strong case for the recognition…we see Hamilton dominating the rest of the playing field,” said Alexandria Kim, from Enztarz Articles.

Another popular nomination is the Netflix original, Outer Banks, nominated for “The Show of 2020.”   The Outer Banks main actor, Chase Stokes, was thrilled when he found out that his show was nominated for three People’s Choice Awards.  All of the Outer Banks cast is excited and anxious about the nomination.

“Thank you guys for watching the show and spending your quarantine with us.  Thank you for voting for all of us and our crazy, little TV show,” said actor Chase Stokes on an Instagram post.

“The show was very interesting, and I enjoyed the dramatic plot,” said sophomore Perry McLoughlin.

Not only can a celebrity be nominated for a People’s Choice Award, but they can also receive a People’s Icon Award.  This year, the singing, dancing, and acting superstar, Jennifer Lopez will accept the award.  She will be honored for her exemplary performances on stage as well as on screen.  Many of Lopez’s fans believe that she has paved the way for artists around the world and has heightened Latin representation in the music, film, television, and fashion industries.  

“Jennifer Lopez has an unmatched global appeal and for more than two decades, has given us some of the most iconic, unforgettable performances of all time,” said Jen Neal, General Manager of E! News, in an interview with music-news.com.

Because the People’s Choice Awards revolves around the opinions of the American public, it is urged that as many people vote as possible.  One method of voting is by means of the website: pca.eonline.com.  The social media app, Twitter, is another method of sharing your opinion.  Supporters are able to send a public tweet or retweet and include one category hashtag, one corresponding nominee hashtag, and #PCA’s.  One other way of voting is by saying, “Vote for the People’s Choice Awards” into an Xfinity voice remote.  

“I am so glad that my favorite artists have been nominated, and I hope that they receive many votes,” said freshman Hannah Ross.  

The People’s Choice Awards emphasizes the accomplishments in 44 categories.  Through these achievements, the awards are able to determine the popularity of each nominee.  Because of the awards, the American public is able to unite as a whole and decide who should take home the prize.