The tricks (and treats) on how to have a COVID-safe Halloween


Montana Moon, Contributing Writer

Halloween is regarded as one of the best times of the year.  Even though this unorthodox year has brought many challenges, there are still fun ways to celebrate safely.  This Halloween will be a little abnormal, yet there are still many activities that will ensure that it is one to remember.  

One way to celebrate Halloween this year is with an outdoor socially distant gathering with a small group of friends.  To make it festive, everyone should come in costume and prepare some fun activities to do.  For example, the group can make Halloween crafts such as festive masks, or they can tell scary stories at a distance.  

Another way to engage with friends while staying safe is talking and hanging out via Zoom or FaceTime.  With these apps, the option of inviting a larger group of friends is possible and, on the call, friends can do other fun Halloween activities at home.  For example, everyone can have a Halloween bake off over from your own home and kitchen.  

Another fun activity that friends can do on a Zoom call or at a small gathering is pumpkin carving.  This iconic tradition is perfect for this year’s socially distant version of Halloween.  Everyone can bring their own pumpkin and carving supplies to the call or gathering, making it a perfect way to celebrate and have everyone together for Halloween while being safe.  Another unconventional option for this year’s festivities is watching Halloween movies with friends.  “Netflix Party” enables users to watch simultaneously and chat with friends.  

“Even though Halloween will be different this year, I’m still super excited to spend time with my friends, even if it’s at a distance.  We’re all going to dress up in costumes, and I know it will be a blast!” said sophomore Tarah Parmar. 

Lastly, Halloween movies can also be an option for outdoor, socially distant gatherings.  There are many projectors in stores to buy or to purchase online.  These projectors connect to a computer or mobile device, allowing you to choose between all genres of films and streaming platforms, and project them as if you were in a real movie theater.  Because movies will be displayed outside, a blanket or lawn chairs will greatly enhance your comfort while watching the movie.

“There are still ways to have fun this Halloween.  Even though life is strange and uncertain, we should all remain optimistic and enjoy Halloween, ” says sophomore Dasha Perfiliev.