Netflix’s light-hearted Halloween mystery is the perfect way to kick off the season


Ruby Ader and Goldie Abrahams, Contributing Writers

Netflix’s newest original Halloween film, Hubie Halloween, is a new spooky season staple.  This Netflix top ten hit, released Oct. 7, 2020, is a mystery with a comedic twist, allowing it to stand out among other popular Halloween films.  Unlike traditional scary movies, Hubie Halloween is family friendly and suitable for viewers of all ages.  Watching this film is a perfect way to welcome the fall season.  With adventure, humor, and a bit of scare this is something everyone will love. 

“This movie made me laugh multiple times and the mysteries kept me engaged and curious.  I would definitely recommend this to other people looking for a fun movie to watch,” said freshman Prue Stevens.

Hubie Halloween takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, a city historically known for its spooky culture.  The film tells the story of a man named Hubie, a frequently teased citizen who never loses his good nature and spirit.  Once Halloween rolls around, he feels it is his duty to take control and protect his town.  While patrolling the town, Hubie notices some of his acquaintances mysteriously disappearing and finds himself in the middle of an investigation.  Throughout the movie, there are many pranks and unexpected scares as Hubie’s odd quirks lead him to solve Salem’s Halloween mystery.  

“I loved all of the different ups and downs that the movie had.  Everything was so unexpected,” said freshman Lindsay Caslow.  

Something that attracts viewers to this movie is its impressive cast list.  The film stars Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois, Noah Schnapp as Tommy, Paris Berelc as Megan, Peyton List as Peggy, Bradley Steven Perry as Cormac, Julie Bowen as Violet, and Karan Brar as Deli Mike.  In addition, Maya Rudolph, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kevin G. Quinn all have supporting roles.  The film even features Sandler’s wife, Jackie, and their two daughters, Sadie and Sunny.  From A-list celebrities to Disney stars, the cast list is sure to catch  viewers’ eyes.

Originally, Jessie and Descendents star Cameron Boyce was cast in Brar’s role, Deli Mike.  Sadly, he passed away due to complications associated with  epilepsy.  Karan Brar and Boyce grew close on the set of Jessie, and he agreed to take over the part.  The film was dedicated in Boyce’s honor.

“I loved how touching it was how Karan played the part that Cameron was supposed to in memory of him and to try and keep his spirit alive within the work that he does best,”  said freshman Sienna Fox.

The movie is very entertaining and pleasant to watch.   Many people agree that this film was not Adam Sandler’s, the starring actor,  best work , but not his worst either.   While the movie was a hit for younger audiences, it got mixed reviews from teenagers and adults.  Many felt that its fun and light nature was more fit for children than more mature viewers.

“I loved this movie and the Halloween spirit it brought.  However, this movie seemed to be a comedy made for families and younger children, rather than teens,” said freshman Mia Clateman.

If you’re looking for a funny thrill to kick off the Halloween season, Hubie Halloween is a great choice for your next Netflix binge.