Fitness apps have made working out from home easier than ever

Jake Schachter, Contributing Writer

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people who want to exercise are unsure of how to work out if they are uncomfortable going to the gym.  Luckily, there is an easy solution to that problem: fitness apps.  Fitness apps allow a person to have the experience of a gym at their home.  All one needs is a fitness app they like and the equipment that they need to do the workout they want to do.  

“Fitness apps have made it so much easier to workout,” said junior Leah Schachter.

One of the fitness apps that has changed the whole exercise game is an app called Peloton.  The Peloton app offers a variety of workouts from strength to cardio classes.  These classes are taught by many different instructors, so you have a choice of who you want your instructor to be.  The Peloton app isn’t free; access to classes costs $12.99 a month..  Peloton also sells a fitness bike and a treadmill for its consumers.  What sets Peloton apart from other fitness apps is that it offers live classes, giving you a real workout experience from the comfort of your home.  

Another fitness app called 8fit also offers on demand classes.  8fit can be used to make a personalized plan for the user to reach his or her goals.  The app uses the user’s information to create a personalized meal plan and workout plan.  This personalized plan comes at a price, $19.99 per month, which is a bit more than Peloton, but if a person wants an individualized plan, 8fit is the best option.

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer is another good choice for users who are looking for a good workout at home.  This app is unlike any of the other apps mentioned.  The services are free, with no monthly payment required, but are also very limited.  The program was developed by a certified fitness trainer and it offers home workouts with no equipment.  Users can’t track their calorie count, so you can’t know how many calories you burn.  This app is good for people on a budget, but you have to deal with its limitations.

“This app has mixed ups and downs, but overall it is pretty good,” said freshman Sam Levine.  

Fitness apps have many benefits, including the ability to control a class length, and they give the user the experience of a gym at home for a much lower cost.  People who work out should consider using apps that make working out at home easier and more fun.