Good Eats: The tastiest dishes to gobble up this Thanksgiving


Abby Schiff, Staff Writer

For many, the mere thought of a heaping plate of mashed potatoes with some turkey causes an instant craving for a plate full of more delicious foods.  Thanksgiving, being the food holiday of the year, is famous for its classic dishes. 

Many families will typically homecook an unforgettable meal, while others opt to go to restaurants or order in.  Regardless of choice,  people still partake in the joyous tradition of having a big lovely meal for the holiday.  Depending on your level of skill in the kitchen, it is arguable that either a home cooked or restaurant made dinner is most suitable for Thanksgiving.  In a time centered around togetherness and creating family traditions, whether you spent eight hours in the kitchen or drove eight minutes down the road to pick up a fully cooked meal, food is still food. 

  “This is the first year that the Port Washington location of Wild Honey is open, but it has been the second busiest day in the Oyster Bay location for 16 years.  Most dinners served are traditional turkey dinners, so we stock up mostly on turkey.  Brussel sprouts are the vegetable that sells the most during this time of year,” said owner of Wild Honey on Main and Oyster Bay Tina O’Brien.

Turkey is the center of the Thanksgiving table for numerous families.  People search for hours on end in an attempt to discover the best turkey.  Most local grocery stores and restaurants stock up on this coveted food item, knowing that people will be eager to get it quick.  Restaurants tend to update their menus in anticipation of Thanksgiving orders rolling in.  Turkey is often thought of as the face of Thanksgiving. 

 “I prefer a home cooked meal for Thanksgiving dinner.  It makes me feel warm inside and there’s extra love in it,” said freshman Amber Yaraghchi.

Another fan-favorite table item are potatoes.  They can be incorporated into the meal in a lot of different ways, and there are never any complaints when it comes to the variations of this food.  It goes without saying that, for countless families, every Thanksgiving must include a potato dish.  From allowing them to brown in the oven, to standing over the stovetop mashing and seasoning this Thanksgiving staple, there are many ways to enjoy this highly anticipated dish. 

“I prefer mashed potatoes over other potato dishes because they are delicious and great to have with bread and butter.  I would say they are the best thing on my plate during this time of year,” said freshman Megan Mazzei.

If there’s a food aside from potatoes that goes hand in hand with an amazing turkey, it is most definitely stuffing.  Just like potatoes, stuffing can be made in a variety of ways, but staying simple will ensure the best results every time.  A typical stuffing is made of onions, celery, parsley, rosemary, sage, butter, broth, and bread.  All of these ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.  Stuffing is by far one of the most commonly enjoyed sides when it comes to Thanksgiving dishes.

The best way to end the Thanksgiving dinner is with none other than a lovely dessert.  Out of all of the delectable desserts, pumpkin pie seems to be the most sought after.  It is known not only for its appearance, but also its incredible flavor.  The basic ingredients consist of pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, eggs, sweetened condensed milk, and pie crust.   In just one to two hours, you can have the perfect pumpkin pie.  With all the different recipes, comes many different ways to eat pumpkin pie.  Whipped cream is usually a must have topping for the greatest pie experience.  

“Pumpkin pie is definitely a great dessert to have on Thanksgiving and I think it is much better homemade,” said freshman Taylor Schorr.

While this Thanksgiving is different from any other year, the classic foods help to continue the holiday traditions.  With all the chaos of 2020, Thanksgiving is a time to remember what we’re grateful for – and to enjoy a well-deserved meal!