Fashion File: fall flannels


Leah Schachter, Staff Writer

It is evident that flannels are in season this fall and winter, from Pinterest boards to Instagram posts, they’re everywhere.  Although flannels seem to be a current trend, people have been wearing them for years.  Flannels originated in 17th century Wales, England and were created for farmers to protect themselves from the harmful elements.   

However, Hamilton Carharrt is known for bringing the popular style to the United States. He created flannel shirts specifically for the American working class during the late 1800’s.  Soon after, flannels were almost everywhere.  The style flourished in the late 1990’s. 

 According to Lauren Eggertsen with Who What Wear, an online fashion magazine and blog, “The return of the flannel shirt this time around is feeling fresher than ever!”

 However, there are some common misconceptions about flannels: one being that flannel is a fabric, not a pattern.  The patterns we tend to see on flannel shirts are plaid or checkered patterns, but flannel fabric can have almost any design on it. People love flannels so much because they are warm, making them practical staples for fall and winter. 

“I like to style my flannels with a baggy type mom jean and my Air Force 1 sneakers for a day of in person school,” said junior Ellie Shapiro. 

 The possibilities are endless when it comes to flannels; you can pair them with jeans, leggings, boots, sneakers, skirts, or even over a casual dress.  Moreover, the shacket, a wool jacket with flannel styles, makes it perfect for this upcoming winter season.  Some other unique flannel pieces include pants, skirts, or oversized blazer, all from flannel material.  

“I admire the flannel style and it’s hyped comeback, but the style is simply not for me,” said junior Jae Longaro.  

On the contrary, junior Emily Benson Tyler says, “I am excited to see what the future holds for the typical flannel and to see how it can be elevated more than flannel skirts and dresses.”

Whether it’s the typical flannel button down, a flannel shacket, or even flannel pants, flannels are definitely on the rise for this season.