Evermore has Swifties in love with her all over again


Izzy Kaplan, Staff Writer

Less than a month ago, Taylor Swift released her second album of 2020, Evermore.   Just months after her album, Folklore, was released, she surprised fans by announcing the release of a “sister record.”  Although fans only found out about the album less than twenty four hours before its release, Evermore, with its seventeen songs and multiple celebrity appearances, is already a much-loved addition to Swift’s repertoire.

Swift wrote two beautiful albums over quarantine; not only did her songs flow, but they also had amazing lyrics that created a relatable story.  Many of the songs were stories such as “Tis the Damn Season,” which is connected to “Dorothea.”  It’s written from the perspective of a boy who comes home for the holidays and has that awkward feeling about meeting an old high school girlfriend.

“Taylor Swift is an amazing songwriter and her new album is amazing,” said freshman Megan Mazzei.

People have noticed the recent changes in the genre and tone of her songs, since she has never produced an album like this.  Her August 2019 album, Lover, was mostly filled with pop songs, whereas this album has a more Indie tone.  Her music is usually about her own personal experiences in life and how she felt about them.  However, in both Folklore and Evermore, she writes from the perspective of others.  This was a new concept that Swift explored.  So when she received the positive feedback from Folklore, she began to write Evermore, which consisted of more third-person tales.

However, this does not mean she completely forgot about her autobiographical songs.  One song in particular, “Margery,” was about her grandmother who had sadly passed away before she signed her first record deal in 2003.  

“I feel differently today than I felt the day after releasing Folklore because, even the day after releasing Folklore, Aaron and I were still bouncing ideas back and forth and we just knew we were gonna keep writing music.  With this one I have this feeling of sort of quiet conclusion and sort of this weird serenity of we did what we set out to do and we’re all really proud of it, and that feels really really nice,” said Swift in an interview with Apple Music.

Especially during quarantine, many feel isolated and have been forced to find ways to occupy themselves; with Evermore alongside its sister album, Folklore, listeners are immersed into Swift’s tales and feel as though they are a part of the story.  Swift’s albums never disappoint and during COVID-19, they serve not only as a source of entertainment, but an escape too.